The future of construction with 3D printing

3D printing construction


The 3d print It is a method that has been working since 1976 when the first equipment began to be skinned, as well as materials that could be used, however it was not until 1992 when 3d Systems developed the first stereographic type printer, as a result of this 3D printing began to be used more in some scientific and technological applications.

Currently, 3D printing has different applications since it is used to make works of art, industrial pieces, construction materials, prostheses, jewelry, fabric objects, among other applications that have seen the usefulness of

How does 3D printing work? 

This type of printing makes use of software that allows the pieces to be designed so that they can then be sent to the printer and start the creation process. This process is done by superimposing layers of materials such as plastic and metal alloys that They allow the printer to trace the design in three dimensions.

Unlike other part creation processes, The use of 3D printing allows there to be no excess materials and the entire piece can be used, so it is a process that has been replacing manufacturing, which is why this type of technology is beginning to be used in industries such as construction, design, textiles, aeronautics, medical, among others. 

This technology works in the same way as a normal printer, the printer moves in a certain space while discarding various layers of a material that could normally be concrete or even plastic, This practice is usually more economical since it reduces labor costs and is usually more efficient since the construction time with one of these machines is usually faster than traditional methods since a construction of this type can be completely finished in a few days.

One of the projects already carried out with this type of technology can be seen on the outskirts of Nacajuca, Mexico where the houses were 3D printed. This type of printer only needs the labor of 3 workers and 24 hours to build a house. family of 152 m2 with two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen from scratch, the houses, in addition to being fully functional, can withstand extreme conditions and have withstood an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.4.

What are the benefits of using 3D printing?

One of the great benefits of using this technology is that it allows you to create pieces, first in three dimensions and visualize them digitally through the software, which helps to have a better conceptualization of the object, giving rise to optimization and modifying it as many times as necessary. then create them so that the pieces are made correctly and, if necessary, they can be modified.

Another of the benefits and that we already mentioned above is the use of resources and materials since when carrying out the design of certain pieces, a surplus of materials is not used and only the necessary ones are printed, which saves costs. 

What are the benefits for construction?

In the field of construction, the use of 3D printing has been implemented relatively recently, however, it already shows great benefits in terms of savings in materials and lower costs in construction, this is because it does not generate a surplus of materials such as steel or wood and on the other hand the cost of printing is less than what a complete work could generate. 

Another of the great benefits is that the cost of both transfers and some labor is eliminated, since the printer can be transferred to the site where the property is to be built and begin to generate the necessary parts to be placed.

These printers are capable of printing both walls and pipes, since in the printing program the walls are designed, which can be made of concrete, and the water and pipes are placed. light so that they are ready to be completed by a plumber or electrician.

Currently there are projects with this type of construction in Germany, houses made by American companies and buildings made in China, which has shown that the cost of the work is significantly reduced, the time it took to carry it out and in the same way the manpower needed to complete it.

What limitations do you have in the construction? 

Until now, one of the main limitations that have been found is the size of the buildings where this process is going to be used, since these printers are placed on a structure that allows the printer to move, generating the walls and blocks, which is why it is that has been used in three-story buildings or houses.

In addition, until now only some materials such as concrete and steel have been used to carry out this type of 3D printing, so it is being analyzed what other materials could be used when carrying out works.

In conclusion, 3D printing offers those who use it new possibilities to create more applications and to facilitate the creation of certain parts, which shows a promising future not only in the field of construction, but also in other applications.

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