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technology in industry

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Currently the most innovative processes are created through cutting-edge technology, these new technologies basically include; computers, scanners, printers, digital cameras, among others and computer networks, whose greatest exponent is the network, today this technology helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of activities carried out by human beings. 



Over the decades we have been able to witness various changes in how we communicate, how we transport ourselves, even how we work. The construction industry is not exempt from these changes, since with modernity the way of handling and design have become more efficient.



Technological advances have come to revolutionize any type of industry, so the benefits obtained by incorporating new technologies into different tasks are great, which helps them be carried out in less time, have cost savings, take advantage of productivity, among other aspects. 



Within the field of construction, great benefits have been seen when carrying out buildings, because from the creation of materials, new technologies began to be incorporated that help make processes faster and, above all, safer. 

What are the benefits that technology provides?

Today it provides agility in various processes, opportunities and can even save lives depending on how we apply it. Some of the advantages it offers are: 



    • Increase life expectancy: With vaccines, devices used in hospitals, scanners, laboratories, etc.



    • Increased productivity and efficiency: Well, technology is a tool to do more things in less time. 



    • Create new jobs: It is the new means to publicize a job as well as providing the facility to do some work from wherever people are and new positions were created with the advent of technology. 



    • Simplification of some processes and tasks: Technology gives us almost everything at our fingertips, from primary and secondary information to specialized programs such as statistics, design, video editing, medicine, architecture, etc. 



    • Break distance barriers: We can stay in touch and even do business hundreds of miles away. 



    • Facilitates learning: We are talking about education and even business, thousands of courses, tutorials and information are now on the web, in order to be used completely free of charge and in thousands of ways so that anyone can understand this topic.

What are the disadvantages of technology?

Not all are advantages, there are also disadvantages such as the following: 



Dependence: Well, currently we no longer do anything without the help of technology, from household appliances, electricity to entertainment, even today it can become an addiction. 



Pollution: Although it is not so perceptible, technology also pollutes, since industrialization has contributed a lot to the deterioration of the planet and the rapid acceleration of climate change.



Privacy and exposure to fraud and crime: Of course, these already existed before, but technology exposes people's information in an almost direct way, promoting various frauds and crimes.



Social isolation: Technology no longer needs more than one agent to function and entertain, now with the new home office modality and the entertainment activities it provides, children no longer need to live face to face with others. 

In which sectors is it present?

  • Medicine 
  • Architecture 
  • Manufacture 
  • Computing 
  • Marketing 
  • Advertising 
  • robotics 
  • Aerospace 
  • Biotechnology 
  • Telecommunications
smart robotic farmers concept

And so we could continue with many more sectors since it is applied to all types of processes, there are even certain technologies necessary for the industrial sector such as: 


cloud computing: Saving everything in the cloud is one of the best tools, since it allows you to store data on the internet with the opportunity to view it from any compatible device. 


Artificial intelligence: It goes hand in hand with robotization, it allows certain machines on their own to perform previously programmed functions autonomously. 


Big data and analytics:  It allows managing massive information in a safe and more orderly way, data leakage, and even the change in methodologies, reducing costs. 


Cybersecurity:  Based on automatic protocols, it provides the security that a company needs to protect its confidential data.


3d print: It facilitates the process of many workers and even helps companies to produce more in less time and fewer failures, it even helps the medical sector with the creation of prostheses and medicines. 


Ar and Vr for simulations: Virtual reality allows not to hurt anyone or spend money on various tests necessary for the industry. 

Technology in creative processes

Before carrying out the works, the creation of plans, models, designs, accounting, among other aspects, is carried out. which over the years have become simpler thanks to programs, computers and gadgets that help work more effectively.



In the same way, there are teams that work together and help to make the 3D models of the buildings, which allows us to have a real perspective of what the final product will be and, if necessary, make the necessary modifications. 



In the last fifteen years there have been important technologies that have been developed in the architecture, engineering and construction industry since the entry of the autocad, BIM that is dedicated to the entire part of modeling by algorithms and construhub which is a platform that within the network that unites the best software to connect with each other and that the information is more controlled, these are only the example of the link reached between technology and construction.

woman disability touch screen design construction office architect wheelchair analyzing model construction computer table creating plan project development

How does it influence creativity?

Technology is a key and means by which artists of all disciplines manage to innovate and improve their creations, but the link that creativity and technology have is not only for artists, but also in construction and science has a primary presence.Let us keep in mind that no matter how much technology advances, human minds were the 1 factor for all of this to work and currently there is no AI (artificial intelligence) that can be a creator of creativity. 

At ANEPSA we use technology for any process, it is a fundamental part of almost every company today, which is why we look for specialized software and various platforms to achieve efficiency.header

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