How to rent a house safely?

Rent a house

Currently, the rental of real estate has become a solution for many who seek to become independent or move to another state, this because people have the possibility of looking for a place that suits their needs and a monthly payment that fits to their pockets without affecting the family economy. 

For this reason it is important that you take into consideration some points when looking for the perfect place to rent a house and space to live, which is why we will mention those that should be considered the most below. 

Take into account your budget to rent a house

It is important that when considering renting a house you have in mind a series of factors that intervene in daily life and those expenses that are incurred on a monthly basis, which can be: payments for school issues, purchases, medical care, payment of services, among other economic factors that will help determine the amount you can pay in rent without your pocket suffering. 

Making a budget will help you to keep in mind all the expenses you make on a daily basis and to see how much money you have to be able to rent a space without this affecting other areas of the budget. 

Another positive aspect of this is that you will be able to better manage your money and identify those expenses that may become unnecessary and that can be avoided.

The area in which you are going to rent a house

The best thing to do is to look for an address that is suitable for the distances that all family members travel, since this will allow them to save on transfers, not only in money but also in time, it is also important that you consider the streets in the ones that are, if you have means of transportation nearby, as well as the routes that exist such as main avenues, parks, green areas, recreation sites, shopping centers and hospitals near the area where you are going to live. 

By taking a tour of the area you will be able to better identify which are those spaces that are close to the home you want to rent and in this way you will be able to locate yourself more quickly and easily, which will allow you to carry out an analysis and see if you really It is convenient to live in that place or it is better to look for a place that will keep you in an area close to the areas or places that you usually go to the most, since this will be a determining point when renting a house.

What specs do you want it to have? 

There are various aspects that must be considered, such as the number of people who will live in the home, which is why it is important that when rent house, all the needs of the members of the household are taken into consideration and in this way there is a better accommodation so that in the long run there are no problems due to space issues. 

When renting a space you should consider some aspects such as whether you need a space to park your car, the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms, the space you need for furniture, among other characteristics that make your stay in the place more comfortable . 

In addition to all the aspects that must be considered when thinking about renting a property and the personal issues that must be taken into account, there are other things in process that must be considered and that we will mention below.

Tips when visiting the property you are going to rent

At the time of your visit consider the possibility of being accompanied by a person, this will allow you to get a second opinion regarding the property and between the two of you carry out an analysis of the details that may exist, remember that when visiting the property it is important to review the following aspects: 

  • The humidity that the property may have
  • In case of observing damage such as cracks or fissures in the structure
  • Check that the electricity, water and gas facilities within the home work, as well as the water heater.
  • Notify the person in charge in case of seeing any damage.
  • Preferably go home in the morning or afternoon, this will allow you to check the amount of light that enters, the noise in the area and the ventilation that the space has.
  • If it is an apartment, ask about surveillance.
  • Ask the owners if they allow pets at the address and consider it when renting.

At the time of signing the contract

Reading a contract together is important so that both the landlord and the tenant can express their doubts and the most important points such as the length of time the contract will last are clear., the time that the property will be rented will determine the amount of the monthly payment, the way in which home repairs will be carried out, termination clauses and the amount of the security deposit. 

On many occasions, the term of the contract can be agreed with the person who is going to rent a house, so it can vary, however, it is common for it to be carried out with a one-year term. 

Remember that to sign the lease, there must always be the landlord, the tenant and the guarantee, which will be the one to respond in the event that the person who is going to rent has problems with payments or with the person who is renting them. The building. 

On the other hand, there are times when landlords do not make contracts and a word agreement is simply made in which they determine the amount of rent to be paid and some conditions, however, this is not highly recommended since there is no document that endorse the terms of the lease. 

Another situation that can be considered to rent is to go to a real estate agency that is an intermediary in the process and in this way support you in the decision and rental process in a faster way since they have the necessary experience in terms of real estate rental . 

In ANEPSA We have the rental appraisal service which consists of determining the rental value of a property based on its characteristics and taking into account a series of methodologies such as market and rental capitalization. 

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