About us

Grupo Anepsa has more than 30 years of experience, offers services in a wide range of commercial, insurance, financial, real estate appraisals; as well as solutions to control and manage the fixed assets of companies with technology and software with one of the companies added to the group, we are talking about the SAAF solution which is a development that adjusts to the client's measures as required, SAAF has a last generation platform and allows, among other things, the Administration of Fixed Assets and their correct follow-up, according to the management, maintenance or financial/fiscal needs.

The experience and years in the market provide confidence to the clients, currently methodologies and technological tools are handled according to what the client requests.



Being the best experience in service solutions for our clients, both in the area of valuation, as well as control of fixed assets and software support according to their needs is our main goal, to more than correspond to the trust placed in us.



  • Effectiveness: Always trying to meet the expectations of our clients, achieve organizational objectives and obtain results in the shortest possible time. 
  • Loyalty: Being 100% transparent with our clients, providing all the information requested and supported by professional appraisers who have a certificate. 
  • Puntuality: We offer a service that often arises from an urgent need, for which we work as far as possible to carry out our studies as soon as possible and send it to the client in a period of no more than one week. 
  • Quality: All the works that ANEPSA delivers are reviewed and channeled through various filters before delivery to the client to guarantee the quality of the information. 
  • Intensity: Our collaborators work hard and with the passion that characterizes them, exercising their profession and projecting this in each of the services that the company provides to its clients.

The satisfaction
of our clients is priority

All our work is carried out by professional experts who have the essential certifications to carry out any project with guaranteed quality using the correct methods to give an objective value.


We have important certifications

Machinery and Equipment | ID 6249160
real estate | ID 6673186
DF Treasury | V-070377
Business in Progress | ID 6820894

Government Dependencies

  • Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)
  • Tax Administration Service (SAT)
  • Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)
  • Institute of Administration and Appraisal of National Assets (INDAABIN)
  • Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)
  • Federal Mortgage Company (SHF)


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