Project Evaluation Analysis

project evaluation studies

If you are thinking about investing in a business and still have doubts about its viability, this is the diagnosis you need: Through market, financial, and technological analysis, the feasibility, times, and costs necessary to start your investment project are exposed.

Why is it important to carry out feasibility studies?

It refers to the availability of the necessary resources to carry out the objectives or goals indicated, the feasibility is based on 3 basic aspects:

  • operational.
  • Technical.
  • Economic.

The success of a project is determined by the degree of feasibility presented in each of the three previous aspects. Investment projects in a company must generate enough benefits to recover what was invested and the rate desired by the investor, for this reason. It is very important to ensure its profitability.

What are project evaluation studies used for?

It is useful to determine the possible cost - benefit or problems that a given project could face, the results are presented in detail and supported by a specific methodology for the undertaking of projects and investments of all types.

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