QR Code Labels

One of the most used methods to store information in a simple way is through labels that contain a QR code, this is because you can put different data on them that allow you to keep track of your company's fixed assets. 

QR code

What are the differences between the barcode and the QR code?

The barcode is a one-dimensional code in which the company can store information such as the serial number, article number and this allows easy and quick identification of the elements, However, it has some disadvantages, among which is the fact that a specific reader is needed to read it, it stores little information and if it is damaged it must be replaced immediately. 

Meanwhile the QR code It works in a two-dimensional way and thanks to the reading points it has, it can be read with different devices, its reading is very fast, in addition, depending on the level of damage you can continue obtaining information and the amount of information you can add to the code It is broader and even allows you to see the geolocation of the asset. 

What are the benefits of QR code labels?

  • You can enter more information 

One of the main advantages of taking control of your company's fixed assets through QR codes is that in them you can store geolocation information, asset data, lifetime, brand, model, serial number and state of conservation. 

  • Low cost and customization 

In addition, the cost of QR codes is very low and can be personalized for the company with the colors of your choice as long as they contrast so that there are no problems at the time of reading. 

  • can be damaged

Thanks to the fact that these codes have many reading parameters, it does not matter if the code becomes opaque, changes color or a part of the code is damaged, since depending on the damage level it will continue to have a reading percentage. 

  • Fast reading 

Thanks to the fact that the QR code has different reading points, you can read it with any device, also the position in which it is located does not matter since the camera will detect the position without any problems and you will obtain the information in hundredths of seconds. 

Advantages of controlling assets with QR codes and the SAAF

The fixed asset control software is a tool that will help your company to know in an easy and fast way the assets that are within the company in a detailed way, in this way the user will be able to know in real time the status of maintenance, acquisition, replacement, administration and financial implications of fixed assets within the company.

One of the main advantages of your company making use of asset control through QR code labels can be the following: 

  • Have access to the information or file of the asset through any device that has internet. 
  • If any asset needs maintenance, the software will notify you. 
  • You will be able to locate the asset quickly. 
  • In case the assets must go from one place to another you can see the route. 
  • If needed you can generate a new QR code label. 

If you still do not know our asset control software, we invite you to request a demo and learn more about it in the page Remember that this software will help you improve the performance of your company and take control of all the assets within it.

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