Financial Valuation

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If you are thinking of investing in a business and still have doubts about its viability, this is the diagnosis you need.
Through market, financial, and technological analysis, the feasibility, times, and costs necessary to start your investment project are exposed.

Determination of impairment in long-lived assets (NIF-B10, NIF C-15)

  • Do you know the profits generated by your fixed assets?
  • Did you know that if the value of your asset is less than what was declared in the books, you will have to report an impairment loss?
  • Through the rules and criteria established by the bulletin NIF C-15, ANEPSA allows you to know the financial, accounting and functional behavior of your assets, which will be an important tool in your company's decision making.

Restatement of financial statements.

Update the values of your fixed assets according to the rules and criteria established in the bulletin NIF B-10 (method of adjustment to historical cost due to changes in the general price level) in its fifth modified document

Information standards for financial valuation

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International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS

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Going concern appraisal

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