Industrial plans and industrial drawing

Industrial drawing and its application to the creation of industrial plans

industrial plans


Within the branch of industrial design it is important to know techniques that allow us to capture the way in which industrial plants and warehouses are built and also take into account the areas that are constituted, it is also very useful to know the way in which they should be perform some procedures or the operation of some devices. 

To provide a solution to this, there is the branch of industrial drawing which through graphics and plans provide people with information that allows them to capture a series of ideas and communicate through the use of scales, perspectives and representation techniques, which in some cases it requires symbols that help to improve the interpretation and inclusion of the data presented at the industrial level. 

One of the great advantages of industrial design is that it allows the elements to be represented through a two-dimensional or three-dimensional design and allows the arrangement of various elements through a plane with the purpose that they can be used either to know the operation, better the piece or understand the arrangement of things. 

How is an industrial plan made? 

In order to make an industrial plan It is necessary to know the distribution of the equipment and elements that exist within an industrial plant, since based on what is observed, a document can be generated that contains the elements and spaces such as general areas, buildings, equipment, machinery, warehouses, tanks, among others. 

The appraisal expert will take the necessary measures to establish the distribution that the plant has and in this way be able to prepare the industrial plan with the main zones and, if necessary, place icons to identify elements such as important zones or specific areas. 

Once you have the measurements, the plans will be worked on in a program dedicated to this such as AutoCad and there all the information will be emptied to be able to create the plan. 

In what other cases does the creation of industrial plans apply? 

The industrial plans also apply in the case of the creation of pieces, where through the two-dimensional or three-dimensional drawing the parts of the piece, its components and the measurements that its serial production must take are shown. 

This is in order that at the time of generating the parts there are no errors in the calculations and the manufacturing is carried out properly, this in order that there is no excessive waste of materials and parts. 

How do we help our clients in terms of industrial drawings? 

Among the services that we can provide to our clients is support in the preparation of plans for an industrial project, since we have architects and industrial engineers who are trained to carry out an expert opinion that allows us to analyze parts or places and draw up the plans. necessary.

Additionally, we can carry out a valuation of the intellectual property of the plans through an analysis of the intangible good, so we can assign a value to each of the plans that the company makes. 

What are the benefits of having industrial plans? 

  1. It allows to know the way in which the pieces are constituted and the sizes to replicate or fix them. 
  2. Provides a spatial perception of the distribution of an area or building. 
  3. It allows to know the measurements of the spaces. 
  4. Thanks to the plans, the load-bearing walls, beams and columns inside the buildings can be known, giving way to future modifications that do not damage the structures.

At ANEPSA our architects are prepared to interpret and generate industrial plans in case the client requires it, since our experts have the knowledge that allows them to carry out the drawing of plans in industrial plants and warehouses.. Contact us.

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