Expert Appraisers

What is an appraiser?


ORAn appraiser is a professional with a degree and certified certificate by a corresponding institution, has the theoretical and practical knowledge of valuation and has the power to inspect any matter on topics of his specialty in the public or private sector.

It is also known as an appraiser or appraiser, it is a professional specialized in determining the economic or monetary value of a good, property or asset, its main function is to carry out an impartial and objective evaluation to determine the fair value of an object or property in the market .

Appraisers are usually experts in a specific area, such as real estate, vehicles, jewelry, works of art, machinery, among others. They use their knowledge and experience in the field to examine and analyze different factors that influence the value of an asset, such as its state of conservation, physical characteristics, age, market demand, geographic location, among others.

The valuation carried out by an expert appraiser is used in various contexts, such as property purchase or sale transactions, legal procedures, insurance, inheritance, mortgage loans, business mergers and acquisitions, and legal disputes, their opinion and assessment are considered essential to make financial and legal decisions based on the real value of an asset.

It is important to note that appraisers must follow professional and ethical standards, and their work may require inspections, market research, data analysis, and detailed reporting to support their valuation.

The work of the appraisal experts consists of advising, controlling and supervising the appraisal of the requested goods, thus calculating or estimating the economic value.

According to him Article 3 of the Regulations of the Federal Tax Code, valuation experts They must be certified by any of these institutions, according to the purpose of the appraisal itself:

  • The Institute of Administration and Appraisals of National Assets.
  • Credit institutions.
  • Current registration before the Ministry of Economy.
  • Federal Mortgage Society

What movable and immovable assets can be studied by an expert appraiser?

An appraiser has the ability to value practically any tangible or intangible asset depending on their area of expertise and certification:

  • Furniture
  • Estate 
  • Machinery
  • Equipment (industrial, computer, etc.)
  • Jewelry
  • Artworks
  • Business
  • buildings
  • Land (agricultural, urban, forestry)
  • Intangible assets (brands and patents)

How important is appraisers?

An expert appraiser is a specialist, so you can have full confidence that what is stipulated in the appraisal of any movable, immovable or intangible property has the necessary foundations, in this way, we can have technical and truthful information that will be useful in the making decisions about our assets.


What does an appraiser do?

The specific functions of a expert appraiser are:

  • give advice: It is essential that the person who uses the service of an expert appraiser understands the environment and all the elements and variants that are at stake, so one of his main functions is to provide this information to the client and advise him.
  • backup review: The expert carries out an evaluation of the credit application that the client requested from the bank as evidence of this request, in this way the bank will be aware of the movements it makes and how they affect the user.
  • Valuation: To carry out a correct valuation, the appraiser must take into account different elements of the movable or immovable property, as well as analyze the current market situation. It will evaluate and quantify these elements to obtain a value in monetary figures. The result of the appraisal must be delivered in an official and confidential document.
  • Creation of reports and reports: The appraisers must keep track of all the information collected during the appraisal process, analyzing the conditions of the goods.

integrity and ethics: The valuation expert must carry out the valuation process being transparent at all times and give clients certainty that confidential information is safe, which is why it is vitally important to hire the services of a certified expert.

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