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car valuation

Why is the Car Valuation necessary?

In general, The valuation of automobiles is carried out with the purpose of establishing its real value to carry out purchase-sale transactions or acquire insurance., the valuation of a car can be carried out for both new, old, classic, modified cars, all-terrain trucks, limousines, collector cars, damaged cars, etc.

Our Certified Appraisers They carry out an analysis of the vehicle, as well as a market study, based on the approval of the results, they estimate a real value for the car and, in this way, we obtain a result supported by reliable information and the study of a specialist, the result of the appraisal will be presented in a document called: technical opinion, which will be officially valid and will be useful in any type of transactions related to the vehicle.

How is a car valuation done?

The process of a car valuation consists of three steps:

Mechanical review

In a car valuation it is necessary to review all the elements that make up the engine, such as: alternator, pads, shock absorbers, lights, suspension, electrical system, brakes, hoses, bands, bushings, tires, harnesses, air conditioning system, etc. In the same way, it is important to check the car in terms of engine useful life, scan all the modules that make it up, scanner report, alternator charge and pad life, finally, confirm that the serial number that is read on the computer matches the physical number.

Bodywork and Lower Parts Inspection

During this stage of the appraisal, the visible and non-visible impacts that the car has suffered, well These devalue the price and can even put the safety of users at risk., Likewise, an inspection of the underside of the car is carried out in search of dents, damage to the suspension or missing components.

Consultation of Market and Book prices

It is consulted in the “Blue Book” the purchase and sale value of the car, and a summary of the sales values in the market between individuals is made, in this way the user has enough information to make the most convenient decision.

At ANEPSA we carry out the valuation of all types of automobiles such as:

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Classic cars

It is considered a classic, a car that has turned 50 years old and that retains all its physical and operating characteristics and specifications that it originally had when it left the factory. In turn, it must be stipulated within the international catalogs that the model, series and brand of the car in question can be considered a classic car.

For a vehicle to obtain the classic classification, it is necessary to request it from the corresponding entity to be evaluated.

Unlike a classic car, an old one is only 35 years old.


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Sedan Cars

Sedan cars are those that are divided into three main parts: trunk, passenger space and engine. It is also necessary that it have four doors and a minimum of four seats, with a maximum of five. However, currently the variety of Sedan cars has been extended to include vehicles with five doors or fewer seats.

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offroad trucks

Currently, the main feature of all-terrain vehicles is that they have four-wheel drive. They are designed to be able to move on rough, slippery or difficult-to-access terrain. Within this category it is common to find vehicles with gearboxes and reinforcements or plates on the chassis.

Truck or Bus Appraisal


Generally used in public transportation services or bus rapid transit systems, they can carry between 10 – 120 passengers and 160 – 240 passengers respectively. There are different types of buses, the most common being: minibus, midibus, articulated bus, double decker, intercity bus and trolleybus.

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all kinds of cars

At ANEPSA we value all kinds of new, old, classic, collectible, all-terrain, damaged, modified automobiles, etc. We develop a suitable solution to your needs.

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