What is an appraiser?

Importance of an appraiser

Among the concepts that jump when thinking about appraisals is that of the expert appraisers and many times we ask ourselves, what is the role and importance of these people within the area? 

Appraisers are people who perform the valuation process transparently and give customers certainty that confidential information is safe at all times, in addition the experts must have a certified title and ID, so when hiring one you must pay attention to the certification they have, This is because depending on the appraisal that you want to make, it will be the type of expert that must be hired. 

These specialists provide customers with technical and truthful information on any movable, immovable or intangible property, which will be useful in making decisions about the valued assets. 

Institutions that certify appraisers 

It is important for people to know that not everyone can be called "expert appraiser”, since this requires a degree of studies and that a government institution certifies the person as a specialist in the matter. 

Based on article 3 of the Regulations of the Federal Tax Code, the only institutions authorized to certify the experts are the following: 

  • The Institute of Administration and Appraisals of National Assets.
  • Credit institutions.
  • Registration in force before the Ministry of Economy.

Duties of an appraiser

Provide advice: For the appraisal expert, it is of great importance that the person who requests the property valuation service understands both the environment and all the elements and variants that are at stake, so one of its main functions is to provide this information to the client and give him advice about the good to be evaluated. 

Review of backups: The expert performs an appraisal of the credit application that the client requested from the bank as evidence of this request. In this way, the bank will be aware of the movements it makes and how they affect the user. 

Valuation: In order to carry out a correct valuation, the appraiser must take into account a wide variety of elements of the movable or immovable property, as well as analyze the current market situation so that the user can make the best decisions regarding the valued assets, the expert will evaluate and quantify said elements to obtain a value in monetary figures, the result of the appraisal must be delivered in an official and confidential document.

Creation of reports and reports: The appraisers must keep track of all the information collected during the valuation process, analyzing the conditions of the goods, for this reason, sometimes and depending on the appraisal, a photographic report and the creation of plans are made. 

What appraisals can be done?

In Anepsa We have more than 30 years of experience, we know the importance of carrying out valuations in a timely manner, providing the client with quality, efficiency and commitment when making a appraiseThis is why we work hand in hand with certified appraisers who can carry out any type of appraisal depending on the area of specialty and certification. Among the appraisals we carry out are: 

  • Furniture
  • Estate
  • Machinery
  • Equipment (industrial, computer, etc.)
  • Jewelry
  • Artworks
  • Businesses, which may include startups
  • buildings
  • Land (agricultural, urban, forestry)
  • Intangible assets (brands and patents)

Carrying out the valuation of a movable, immovable or intangible asset is important so that the person can determine the value of what is being valued and that they can buy, rent or insure this asset, which is why it is important to carry out an objective valuation.

Importance of an appraiser

An expert appraiser will be your best ally in the appraisal processes, he must be certified and 100% trained in order to provide the most reliable information possible, he personally performs the study, with ANEPSA it is possible because we provide with the personnel that meets each of the characteristics. Contact us.

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