Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

appraisal of machinery and equipment, appraisals of machinery and equipment

What are machinery and equipment appraisals?

The appraisals of machinery and equipment They allow you to know the state of all your machinery and equipment, know its value in the market and guarantee that the valuation method that the machinery and equipment require is appropriate for the following to determine fair market value and the purpose of the appraisal. 

Our team of experts establishes the bases, concepts, techniques and approaches for calculating the value of all machinery and equipment regardless of type.

What are machinery and equipment appraisals used for?

Appraisals of machinery and equipment are necessary for decision making in the following situations:

Buy and sell The person will be able to know the exact value of the machinery that they are acquiring or selling based on the state in which it is located.
tax guaranteeIn the event that it is required to give an asset as a guarantee of the payment of tax obligations.
credit and insurance If the person seeks to insure the machinery and equipment or acquire a loan to buy more machinery.
Rent Based on the conditions of the equipment and the cost, a rental value can be determined.
Restatement of financial statementsTo know the changes that the values of the financial statements of the companies have suffered due to inflation and price adjustments.
audits Valuing the machinery will allow obtaining its equity value and taking it into consideration when conducting audits.
MergersKnow the total value of the equipment that exists in both companies.
asset transfers When an asset is moved elsewhere, the value of the asset can be known at the time of transfer.
IFRS and IFRS opinions It allows to know better the amount of the transactions carried out in the machinery and take them into account for the opinions.
Valuation of Listed CompaniesThe assets that the company has, including machinery and equipment, are taken into account.
probate successions Through these appraisals you can know the value of the assets that were considered in the will.
Identification and prioritization of Value DriversIn the event that there is specialized equipment in an area or with unique characteristics, the appraisal of machinery and equipment will help determine its value.
Strategic business continuity decisionsIt will be possible to identify the necessary machinery and the value that it will continue to contribute to the company.

To which sectors are the appraisals of machinery and equipment directed?

ANEPSA He has extensive experience in different areas of the industry such as:

Valuation of machinery and equipment 1

What assets are applicable to appraisals of machinery and equipment?

Machinery and equipmentIndustrial production, construction, hospital.
transport equipmentAir (planes, helicopters, jets), land (buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles), sea (boats, boats, yachts)
telecommunication equipmentAntennas, radios, telephones, fax machines, satellites, routers
Computer equipmentScreens, keyboards, memories, computers
Furniture and office equipmentComputers, chairs, desks.
audio and video equipmentCameras, video cameras, audio consoles, microphones

What aspects are taken into account to perform and calculate the value

fair market value of machinery and equipment? 

When carrying out appraisals of machinery and equipment it is essential to take into account the following aspects:

  • Make model
  • Antiquity
  • Technology
  • State of conservation
  • Useful life
  • Depreciation
  • commercialization grade
  • use value
  • Characteristics
  • Maintenance and/or Complements added to the asset

Appraisal methods of machinery and equipment

There are three valuation approaches and the choice of the most appropriate one depends on the objective of the valuation.

  • cost approach

It is based on the replacement value of the asset, it can be derived from the need for its new reproduction or its replacement.

  • market focus

Comparables are sought that are in the same conditions as the good to be valued, making a weighting. The factors to be approved are: age, make/model, quality, location, purchase price.

  • Income Focus

It considers the present value for the future benefits derived from the ownership of the good, and is generally obtained by the possible capitalization in the sales of the economic unit.

What is the machinery and equipment appraisal process like?

1.- Acceptance of work plan.

2.- Field work: Each of the assets to be valued is identified in order to obtain all the information necessary for the valuation study.

3.- Cabinet work: Analysis of values and obsolescence applicable to each asset according to the information collected in the field.

4.- Determination of value of the asset.

5.- Delivery of the certified appraisal.

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