Fixed asset management

Importance of fixed asset management.

Fixed asset management


One of the most important aspects of companies are the assets that are in it and that are part of the daily operations, so they cannot be sold in the short term, for this reason it is important that asset management be considered. fixed. 

What is fixed asset management? 

The purpose of this management is to monitor the Lifecycle of the assets that exist in the company, providing monitoring and carrying out constant maintenance of the machinery and equipment as well as the assets that have a physical form within the organization. 

This will serve to maintain a good functioning of the assets on a constant basis and to reduce losses due to equipment failures, inactivity and even the loss of assets in inventory, which leads to a significant improvement in the useful life of assets within the company. 

What is the importance of fixed asset management?

The proper management of fixed assets will allow knowing the state in which each asset is located, this thanks to the constant review of them, which in the long run will allow failures to be detected or prevented, also that the inventory is updated and that the regulatory standards necessary for the operation can be met. 

Asset management as part of fixed asset inventory

Asset management plays an important part when carrying out an inventory of assets within the company since these help to know exactly the amount of assets that are held within the company and make a comparison with the accounting records and books . 

Control of fixed assets and asset management

The control of fixed assets consists of a series of three stages in which the first consists of carrying out the inventory, the second in the documentary integration, while the third is the accounting physical integration of the assets, once these stages have been completed. It will be possible to give way in a more appropriate way to the management of the fixed assets that the company has. 

Use of software for the management of fixed assets

In order for there to be adequate asset management, it is important that the company has the support of tools that allow it to verify and know the state in which the assets are, such as the use of specialized software in which have all the information of each of the assets. 

He Fixed asset control software It gives companies the opportunity to properly manage the assets that are in it and that in this way they can know aspects such as the state of the assets, the serial number they have, generate maintenance alerts and know their status. location inside and in case they are outside the company. 

Benefits of fixed asset management

Among the benefits that companies have a correct management of fixed assets we can find the following: 

  • Avoid loss of assets within the company. 
  • Perform ongoing maintenance on assets. 
  • Avoid monetary losses due to lost time if the equipment is not in good condition. 
  • That the company has knowledge of the state of the assets. 
  • Maximizes the life cycle of assets. 
  • Address in a timely manner the failures that occur in the assets. 
  • That the life cycle of the assets be considered within the strategic and financial development plans. 

What are the fixed assets that can be managed?

asset Management

If you have already decided to carry out a correct control of the fixed asset, contact an advisor ANEPSE HERE.

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