Commercial Appraisals

commercial appraisals

What is a business appraisal?

It is an estimate of the commercial value of a good as of a certain date, where value means the equivalent in monetary figures or the utility that said good has, which is obtained through a technical opinion, which is impartial, this opinion is determined depending on the physical characteristics of the assets to be evaluated.

On many occasions it is of great interest for a seller or buyer to know the real value that exists in the market of a property and this can also be requested by mortgage credit institutions such as the Infonavit either fovisssteTherefore, it is necessary to resort to a commercial appraisal.

To determine the value of a property, economic elements influence such as rising prices, inflation and real estate gains and it is thanks to these factors that the people who request these appraisals can know if they are paying or receiving the fair amount for the property. house or apartment.

Know the fair value that your assets would have according to their physical characteristics and the current conditions of the specialized market. The purposes can be diverse, among these are:

  • Buy and sell
  • Financing
  • Lease
  • Administration
  • insurance
  • Remodeling and development
  • Feasibility and studies for the greatest and best use
  • Exercise of purchase and lease options

What is needed to request a commercial appraisal for a property?

Depending on the type of appraisal that is going to be requested, it will be the documentation that must be prepared to start the appraisal process. In the case of a commercial appraisal, the following is requested:

  • The appraisal request
  • The home completion office
  • The plans of the property
  • That the payment of the services is up to date
  • That the property payment is up to date
  • housing deeds

How is the value of a business appraisal calculated?

Through the appraisal, three types of values or real estate valuation approaches are obtained to determine the value of a property:

Physical or direct approach: Determination of replacement value of materials, which helps us to finish the calculation of construction materials and facilities, which were used in its construction at value today.

Comparative market approach: It is considered according to the market offer of similar properties in the same area or similar areas.

Income capitalization approach: A comparison is made based on similar properties in the area or similar areas that are for rent, to identify the value of all future income that the property will produce.

He expert appraiser will carry out the analysis of various elements of the house among which are:

  • The physical state in which the house is located.
  • The maintenance they have given. 
  • The quality of the materials that were used to carry out the construction. 
  • The time that the construction has (the age). 
  • The services that the property has and those that are in the surroundings. 
  • The communication routes that exist in the surroundings, if it has metro stations, trolleybus, trucks, bicycle stations, etc.
  • The conditions of the streets that surround it. 
  • If you have schools, hospitals or shopping centers nearby
  • The opportunity that exists to expand the property. 

At Anepsa we have certified appraisers who will provide you with the determination of the value of a property, the photographic report and the architectural plans (if required).

The commercial appraisal of personal property:

Although there is much talk about commercial appraisals applied to houses, this type of appraisal also applies to personal property, since they can determine the value of any object that you want to buy or sell. 

Unlike real estate, in the case of movable property, the object must first pass through the hands of an appraiser and then a controller, who checks the value of an asset.  

Among the things that can be valued we can find: 

  • automobiles 
  • Jeweler's 
  • Home appliances 
  • televisions 
  • Antiques 
  • Electric appliances 
  • Machinery 
  • Computer equipment

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