Fiscal Appraisal and Commercial Appraisal, main differences

To know the value of their assets, people resort to the appraisal of movable, immovable or intangible assets. and this leads them to have good management of them without there being losses or bad agreements when making a purchase, sale or rental. 

This is why when making the decision to need an appraisal, you must know which one is needed exactly, so as not to spend money on the wrong appraisal. 

Knowing the differences of each of the appraisals will help you to be sure of which one you will need to request according to the procedure you want to carry out, so we will talk about the tax appraisal and the commercial appraisal below.

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Differences between commercial appraisal and tax appraisal

One of the main differences that we can find between these two types of appraisals is that in the commercial appraisal the value of a movable or immovable asset will be determined so that the person can know the fair value of the assets according to the characteristics physical. 

On the other hand, the fiscal appraisal is useful in tax matters, since it is the non-commercial valuation that the SAT or the corresponding municipal treasury carries out on a property or real estate in order to assign a tax contribution.

Another difference that is notorious in the tax appraisal is that they do not reflect the amount or real value of the property, it is already a value set by public entities that will have tax purposes, unlike the commercial appraisal in which you will see the value of a property and even movable property. 

What aspects are taken into account for each appraisal?

The tax appraisal takes into account several points to carry out the valuation of real estate, among which are:

  • Physical conditions of the property
  • State of conservation
  • Age of the property
  • Urbanization level
  • Services that exist in the home (water, electricity service, drainage, etc.)
  • Location (close to schools, hospitals, shops, etc.)
  • Cost effectiveness

This in order to assign a land tax to a property or real estate and to be able to apply a tax or when the ISAI and domain transfer is going to be carried out. ISR.

On the other hand, commercial appraisals take into account various elements, among which are:

  • The physical state in which the house is located.
  • The maintenance they have given.
  • The quality of the materials that were used to carry out the construction.
  • The time that the construction has (the age).
  • The services that the property has and those that are in the surroundings.
  • The communication routes that exist in the surroundings, if it has metro stations, trolleybus, trucks, bicycle stations, etc.
  • The conditions of the streets that surround it.
  • If you have schools, hospitals or shopping centers nearby
  • The opportunity that exists to expand the property.

When are these appraisals necessary?

Depending on what you want to do with the real estate is the type of appraisal that will be required, so advice is required and know what procedure you want to carry out. 

The tax appraisal can be used when carrying out purchase/sale processes, probate proceedings, adjudications, mergers or divisions and also help to establish the specific condominium regime for the property. 

Commercial appraisals can be carried out for purchase/sale processes, financing, leasing, administration, in case insurance or loan is required, remodeling and development, feasibility and studies for the greatest and best use and in the exercise of purchase options and lease. 

In Anepsa We have the support of appraiser experts who have professional licenses issued by the Secretary of Public Education in the field of Valuation of Personal or Real Estate, so you can be sure that each appraisal is carried out with detail and professionalism. 

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Knowing the main differences will help you to know which is the appraisal that best suits your problem, but, at ANEPSA we also offer advice, if you want to know more about our services, contact us.

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