Agricultural Appraisals

agricultural appraisals

What are agricultural and farm appraisals?

Agricultural appraisals is the study carried out by a professional expert who decides the appropriate method to determine the correct and fair value for the good or land that is directly or indirectly related to agricultural activities, this has to be valued as a productive entity, or as infrastructure and its potential economic power due to its characteristics.

Valuation Studies can be carried out on:

and the like
Irrigated land: Areas with artificial water supply
Land with Irrigation Point: Areas that have partial supply and it is not quantified
Humidity terrains: Areas that, due to their location, naturally retain water
Land with Temporary: Areas in which its source of supply is pluvial precipitation
Agostadero Areas and Land: Areas with natural vegetation
Forest Land: Forest areas that develop naturally
Mountain land They are forest areas that cannot be used due to lack of documentation.

Why are agricultural appraisals important?

It is important to consider carrying out agricultural appraisals, since These will allow people to determine the viability of the land on which they want to carry out the agricultural activity, in addition to different categories being considered depending on the land they want to value:

  • Agricultural properties and farms: These can be areas where you cultivate continuously.
  • Orchards and vineyards: Areas that are dedicated to the cultivation and harvesting of fruits and vegetables and production times are taken into account.
  • Livestock Farms: In these spaces, the number of hectares needed to feed adult cattle is considered.
  • Timber Forests: Areas where wood from different trees is produced and sale and capitalization are analyzed.
  • Livestock production ranches: Factors are analyzed to take advantage of the full potential of the animals and the property.
  • Cattle Ranches: It takes into account the factor that the value of the land is equivalent to what it produces.
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