What is a QR code?

Currently there are many methods to store information and adequately control the fixed assets of your company, one of those that has gained strength is Quick Response Code (quick response code), better known as QR codes. 

The QR code was created in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave and the purpose is that the data could be processed and read more quickly and that everyone had the information within an accessible platform such as mobile devices, however , these were initially used by the Toyota company to store the information of the components and parts, so one of its first uses and which is still valid is the control of assets within the company.

QR codes

What is the QR code?

QR codes are made up of a module that is made up of a matrix of squares and dots that allows information to be stored so that it can be processed through a scanner.

The squares that are in the corners of the QR code allow the device to quickly locate the reading points and process the data that is inside the two-dimensional matrix. 

At present, personalized QR codes can be made and adapted to the needs of the client, however they must always have at least one box in one of the corners and the colors used must contrast so that they are easy to detect. 

What apps have QR codes?

One of the main uses that the QR code has been given since its inception has been for the control of fixed asset within companies, since it has been an efficient way to store information and have it at hand, however, at present it has been efficient in various types of companies. 

  • Marketing 

To simplify advertisements, marketing often resorts to the use of QR codes so that customers can obtain more information about a product or service, since these can direct them to brochures, cards or web pages. 

  • informational use 

Art halls, museums and galleries have found in these codes a solution for visitors to obtain more information about the works on display, as well as being a useful tool to save space within the halls since they can have multimedia content. such as texts, audio, video, images, etc. 

  • E-commerce or electronic commerce

With the rise of online shopping, the purchase strategy and virtual visit of supermarkets have been implemented through the use of QR codes, despite the fact that this method is new, it has been used in countries such as Korea, Spain, Argentina and Chile, in addition to encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies or bitcoins. 

  • Various types of data 

Thanks to the fact that the QR code allows you to store a wide variety of information, people can give it any type of use such as: a web address, personal information, menus, prices, telephone numbers, messages, emergency data, among others. 

What are the advantages of using QR codes? 

One of the main advantages is that access to information is very quick and easy, in addition to the fact that if you have our fixed asset control software (SAAF), you can easily access all the data of your assets wherever you are. 

Another of the advantages that you have with us when using a QR code will be the possibility of personalization and protection of the information that the code has, since these will only be found within your company's system.

QR codes are a tool that facilitates the management of fixed assets in the organization, in ANEPSA We are excited to help you and provide you with the necessary support to apply these types of codes. Contact us.

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