Know more characteristics of startups

Many people are taking the initiative to start their companies, for this reason it is important that they know the difference between startups and SMEs since within the business market they are two different business concepts and ideas that will take different directions in the long run. 

These niche ideas are important because in the long run they can generate new jobs, in addition to providing society with a long-term solution that satisfies certain needs. 


What is a startup?

A startup It is the beginning of a company that in a short period of time will grow rapidly and exponentially, in addition, these companies have the characteristic that they will incorporate new information technologies into the way their collaborators work, reinventing themselves at all times. . 

Normally these companies are dedicated to the commercialization of services or products focused on a specific market and that is why startups start with a small innovative business idea that seeks to generate a return on investment in a short period of time. 

Startup characteristics

There are many characteristics that make the difference in being able to consider a business idea a success. startup, this is why below we will mention those that you should consider the most if you want to create one. 

  • They require business angels

A business angel is a person who will help you make your business idea come true as they give those who seek them their experience, financing and contacts to start the startup. 

  • Its growth is fast 

The business ideas that are used to establish a startup seek to generate a return on investment or scaled economy in a short period of time, which is why they must be innovative ideas that can grow quickly. 

  • They use social media 

One of the ways that startups make their products known is through social networks, since this allows them to reach their target market more quickly and generate a greater number of publicity, depending on the product they are looking for. they seek to market. 

  • They consider customer service important 

Because these companies seek to market services, the customer's opinion is very important, which is why initially they seek to open communication channels with customers, in case it is something about food, give tests, do service and satisfaction surveys, among others. things that help them determine the quality of the product or service. 

  • They seek to streamline processes 

Because startups surround themselves with collaborators who know where they are going, the way in which they work and carry out certain processes is streamlined so that more objectives are achieved in a shorter period of time. 

Why should you value your startup?

When determining the direction you want your company to take and the turn it will focus on, it is important that you approach appraisers who guide you and give you the certainty that the project is going and will go on the right track. 

The valuation of your business idea will evaluate several aspects such as the type of idea you want to implement, what technological resources you are going to use, also the team of people and what they will contribute to the business. startup, prospecting for clients and the agreements and contracts that you have considered. 

To carry out the valuation of the startup, the market approach, the cost approach and the income approach are considered, in addition to taking into account the internal factors and external factors that intervene in the company, as well as the tangible and intangible assets that there is. 

In ANEPSA We will help you determine in a timely and efficient way the value and prospecting that your business idea will have, in addition to providing you with personalized attention throughout the process and resolving any questions you may have. 

If you need a startup appraisal ANEPSA It is your best option, just leave us your information HERE.

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