Home insurance: 6 reasons to contract it

Home insurance we give you 6 reasons to hire one

A home is the patrimony that people have, in addition to the place where the most valuable things such as money, documents, diplomas and sentimental memories are housed, which is why homes become extremely valuable and precious assets for people since these they become a long-term investment regardless of whether the home is owned or rented.

In percentages, only around 6.7% of Mexican households have home insurance that protects their home against an accident, which causes irreparable losses for families and makes it difficult to recover from incidents, since depending on the type The insurance you purchase will depend on the coverage you have. 

Below we will mention some of the benefits that having home insurance provides and that you can take advantage of in case you need it and take it into consideration when looking for a suitable policy. 

Protect your home against theft 

One of the main problems in Mexico is the insecurity that exists and that is everywhere, for this reason it is important that you consider an insurance that covers your home in case it suffers a robbery. 

Be sure to read the policy carefully and review what material goods the insurance covers, since sometimes equipment such as laptops, cell phones or screens is not covered, so you should know what you have at home and ask if they have insurance coverage. 

Damages from natural events 

Something that is out of our control and that we do not know when they could occur are natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanic explosions, floods, hurricanes or tornadoes, which is why it is important to have insurance that can protect our home against a total or partial loss or helps us recover part of our assets, Depending on the policy purchased, the type of coverage you have against these phenomena will be. 

home repairs 

It is well said that a house is like a person, since they need constant care and attention so that they remain standing and in good condition, which is why many home insurance policies cover damages or breakdowns that may occur. and allow contact with a network of professionals in different areas to carry out the necessary repairs. 

Damages to third parties are covered 

Insurers have a clause called “civil liability” which is used in the event that damage to your home affects third parties, for example: in the event that you leave your house and there is a water leak that affects a neighbor, your insurance would cover the damage to both your house as those caused to other people. 

This also applies in the event that you have pets at home and there is an altercation with them and third parties, since the home insurance will cover the damage caused and everything that is necessary. 

Home insurance provides medical assistance in your home

Although there are major medical expenses insurance, home insurance offers the possibility of having telephone medical assistance or providing care in case you require transfer to a nearby hospital, it is for this reason that you should carefully review the clauses of your policy and if it has this type of attention which can save the life of you or one of your relatives in the event of a medical emergency. 

Extension to your pets 

Pets are an important part of our family, since they provide us with emotional support, have fun and become another member that we must take care of and protect in any situation. 

Currently there are pet insurance that can be purchased from some insurers, however, there are home insurance policies that cover some attention that pets may require, such as a visit to the vet, some studies and even vaccinations. 

How do I know which is the most appropriate home insurance? 

In ANEPSA We have the option of making a insurance appraisal, which analyzes the assets that exist in a home and provides an estimate of both the property and the assets so that insurers can calculate premiums correctly. 

In addition, these appraisals will serve to guide you and give you an idea of the amount of assets in your home, as well as the total value that these represent for your family. 

If what you are looking for is a home appraisal or of some other type, contact us for more information.

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