Fixed Asset Control, Inventory Management


It is a system with which all the assets of a company are controlled, whether tangible or intangible, this service is divided into three stages:

• Inventory, Integration and Conciliation.
• Purpose of Fixed Asset Control.
• System that allows adequate control of its assets.
• Deliver income statements with real figures.
• Avoid unnecessary expenses in maintenance and taxes.
• Maximize your time, devoting it to activities specific to your area.
• That with the passage of time you can take your own control, based on the work done.
• Have each of your company's assets perfectly identified.

fixed asset control

Benefits of Fixed Asset Control

• Have a refined database with real figures.
• Use this information for various uses such as: internal control, finance, maintenance, insurance and purchases.
• Carry out a control in less time than with our own personnel.
• In audit cases, have documents proving the legal support of each of the assets belonging to the company.
• Have a document that supports the insurance company.
• Quick location of assets through the database and their various movements.
• By implementing this type of control in the future, your asset management will be easier.
• Expenses will be reduced in the area of taxes and maintenance.
• In case of requiring the receipt vouchers, it will prevent ant theft of your property.
• Maximize the use of assets and know when they have to be replaced.
• You can easily locate your team's suppliers by consulting the folders made, based on the license plate number.

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