Build or buy a house? Know the pros and cons.

build or buy house

At the moment of wanting to acquire a home, various factors are considered that intervene in decision-making and that will be decisive at the time of the purchase of the real estate, which is why aspects such as the location, the space of the home, the factors economic, among other things.

A good option is to balance the possibility that instead of buying the property, a large piece of land is acquired on which a house can be built according to the needs of the person or family.

This is why below we will talk about the pros and cons of purchasing the home, like buying land.

Benefits of buying a house

One of the main benefits when purchasing a house is that it is already ready to be inhabited, in addition to the fact that you can count on flexibility in the forms of payment, you can search in various places that adapt to your comforts and that Be in an area close to where you work. 

Another of the benefits of looking for a house is that there is a great diversity of properties built in different parts of the city, which allows you to buy options and analyze which one is best for you. 

Today there are several companies that for a small commission are in charge of looking for properties depending on your needs and the capital with which you are willing to invest, this being a more comfortable option since you can go to see each of the options that they have for you and in this way choose the one that best suits your day-to-day needs. However, for those who do not believe they require this service, they can undertake the task of searching on certain pages for the areas that most attract their attention. . 

What are the disadvantages of buying a house? 

If the house is not new, the owners may hide important details in the construction, such as structural damage, problems with water installations, light or gas and even legal problems, which can be an additional expense to make all the repairs or solve problems that the home has.

Another disadvantage is that being a space that has already been built, it is more difficult for adaptations or modifications to be made, since this entails an additional investment and that it takes time.

At present and depending on the area and the dimensions, a house can become an excessive cost that exceeds the economic possibilities of a family and that is also a fixed expense and generally monthly, of around 30 years depending on the type of credit. mortgage purchased.

Benefits of building your house 

Carrying out a construction can be a process that benefits all family members since it can be done to the taste of the family and adapting to what they need, also depending on the materials used, the cost of the construction can reach be less than the cost of a house that is already built.

Through a process in which a cost estimate is made, it is possible to determine what is most convenient at the time of construction regarding materials, finishes, spaces, as well as estimate the construction time.

Another great benefit is that it can be contracted little by little and depending on the budget that you have, therefore it is not something that must be paid at once and it is not that you have a debt of many years, since one decides how build it.

It is necessary to take into account when building a house is that it can be designed to the occupations of the members regardless of the space on the land, today there are many ways to optimize the space thus covering the design and needs of the people, this could be complement with the experience and help of an architect who could be supported to make the most of each of the spaces.

It must be considered that when starting the construction, the development of the spaces must be highly valued, this means that they must be very attentive from having a bad project to not even having one and still starting to construction, this is because it is often thought that hiring an architect could increase expenses or even believe in not needing them, but they will be the best allies when starting a construction since they will help you draw up each one of the specifications, bringing them to reality, optimizing the investment.

It must also be taken into account that construction supervision must be carried out by a person trained to control people's work, since this could have an impact on the safety of the construction or the workers themselves, since when working on a construction site where most of the materials are dangerous, someone could be injured due to the incorrect use of machinery or tools, likewise, the poor placement of some element within the structure of the house could affect the safety of its inhabitants or It could only impact the finish, even so constant control and inspection can prevent many accidents on the job.

Another thing that not many people consider when building a house is the season in which construction will begin. The construction dates must be taken into account since if the rainy seasons begin this could affect the established time. , materials and even salaries.

Disadvantages when building a house

One of the main disadvantages is the time it will take to complete the construction and finish it completely, since initially architects or engineers must be considered who design the plans, then go through the construction process that takes from one to two years. years and then carry out the finishes, painting, among other aspects.

In addition, construction permits must be obtained, which can be very tedious and are granted for a certain time, in addition to obtaining it, you must submit all the papers that are requested.

Another of the disadvantages that we can find is that the costs can vary, mainly due to the materials that are going to be used or materials that had not been considered at first and that are coming out little by little, so even if a certain sum is considered In the initial budget, a surplus must be considered.


In itself, acquiring a property or land will always be the safest form of investment since in either of the two cases the invested capital will always revalue leaving passive income in a safe way while having a receipt of it.

In conclusion, the advice would be to evaluate the economic capacities that you have, as well as the location of the property or the house, to evaluate if in the case of being a house you do not have to implement remodeling or alterations in the construction, in the case of being a property that verification of the property title is carried out and the land is not in a legal dispute.

Among the future considerations, the fact of the development of the life plan of the buyers and family members must be evaluated, as well as evaluating the economic risks that they could face throughout a period of time. mortgage payment, housing credit or the economic repercussions that could be had when building a living place.

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