ANEPSA Expert Appraisers and Appraisals in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Appraisals in Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tlajomulco, Chapala, Zapotlanejo, Tala, Tesistan and Ixtlahuacan, ask if we cover the area where you require the appraisal.

In Grupo ANEPSA we have more than 30 years of experience carrying out appraisals in Guadalajara and throughout the Mexican Republic, this makes us one of the main leaders in the market for industrial, real estate and financial valuations, providing our clients with the confidence and security assurance that we will be with them at every step of the process.

Our Expert Appraisers have certifications that will allow them to provide our clients with an efficient service, with quality work and efficiency at the time of carrying out an appraisal. 

Real Estate and Industrial Appraisals

Real estate appraisals, cadastral appraisals, insurance appraisal, opinion of value, land appraisal.

Real estate appraisals are the most effective and official way to know the real value of a personal and real estate asset based on various factors related to the quality of life offered by said property, these appraisals are presented in a document that is legally valid and is necessary to carry out various procedures related to the property. 

Among the aspects that the appraisers study about the property are: Age of the property, m² of construction, stotal surface, cfinishing quality, andstate of conservation, andexistence of electrical installation, andexistence of hydraulic installation, andexistence of gas installation, ulocation, places such as shopping centers, plazas or hospitals that are in the area.

Industrial Appraisals
We have industrial appraisals, appraisals of machinery and equipment, control and inventory of fixed assets and valuation of assets.

What properties do we value?

man 1


condo 1


apartment 1


mall 2




parking area

Parking lots


Warehouse / Warehouse



factory 1

ships and plants

Real Estate Services


real estate appraisals

We help you value any real estate.

house 1

I appraise

It will help you to update the payment of real estate taxes.

insurance 2

appraisal of

Knowing the value of your assets will help insurers determine premium payments.

earnings 2

of value

These appraisals serve as a rough estimate of the value of a property.


appraisal of

Define the monetary value of your land, whether rural or urban.


I appraise

Know the value of your assets according to the physical characteristics and current conditions of the specialized market.

Industrial services



Know the value of your assets based on the specialized market.

excavator 1

appraisal of
and team

Know the state and value of your company's machinery.

checklist 1

control and
Fixed Asset

Take control of your company's assets, we help you and tell you how to do it.


of goods

Determine the value of your tangible or intangible assets.

Appraisals and Opinions of Value in Guadalajara
from $1,350.00 MXN!*

*The cost of appraisals may vary

depending on the area and 

characteristics of the place

We make your quote immediately!


Contact us through our Whatsapp phone number or email and tell us more about what you need.

2 advisers

One of our advisors will contact you to find out more about what you are looking for and to provide you with more information about our services.

3 quote

Your quote will be ready immediately and you can receive it by Whatsapp or email.

4 valuation

Once you accept the quote we will begin the appraisal process, remember to have the necessary documentation on hand to facilitate the process.

What do I need to carry out an appraisal in Guadalajara?


What are the benefits of carrying out appraisals in Guadalajara with ANEPSA?

Frequent questions

Thanks to the fact that we have Expert Appraisers specialized in different areas, we can provide you with a comprehensive service that covers any type of valuation you require. 

An appraisal will help the person know the real value of their assets and in this way they can carry out any procedure they need and have a guarantee of the real cost. 

Yes, we can carry out appraisals in: Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tlajomulco, Chapala, Zapotlanejo, Tala, Tesistan and Ixtlahuacan, ask if we cover the area where you require the appraisal.

Delivery is delivered in three business days after the hearing and at the time the appraisal is agreed upon, a date is agreed upon on which we commit to deliver it.

This depends on the type of appraisal carried out, however, many of them last six months as long as the conditions of the valued asset do not change.


We cover the needs

of every person and place. 


We deliver appraisals

certificates in the dependence that 

is required.


All our Experts

Appraisers count on 

certifications, title and 

professional license. 


We drive confidentiality in

the information and each

from our appraisals.  

Where can I request appraisals in Guadalajara?

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