ANEPSA Expert Appraisers and Appraisals in Monterrey, Nuevo León

We provide service to the areas of San Pedro Garza García, San Nicolás de los Garza, Monterrey, Guadalupe, Juarez, Apodaca, Santa Catarina, García General Escobedo, among others.

At Avaluos ANEPSA we have more than 30 years providing solutions in real estate, industrial and financial valuation, providing solutions and with high efficiency in the service we provide to our clients. 

All our work is carried out by professional experts who have the essential certifications to carry out any project with guaranteed quality using the correct methods to give an objective value.

We provide appraisal services in Monterrey and cover a large part of the Nuevo León region.

Our services


I appraise
real estate

We value any type of
real estate property so you can carry out procedures.

house 1

I appraise

The cadastral appraisal will help you
corroborate or correct the payment of taxes on any property.

earnings 2

value opinion

Through this opinion
you will get the estimate
of the value of a good.


I appraise
of land

We value land so much
rural as well as urban.

excavator 1

appraisal of
Machinery and equipment

Get the real value and
know the status of the
machinery of your company.



Know the real cost of
assets of your company based
to the industry in which it is used.

checklist 1

Control of
Fixed Asset

We help you maintain correct control and inventory of assets within your company


of goods

We value all types of assets, whether tangible or intangible.


appraisal of

Know the true value
of your company through a
Detailed analysis.

software developer 1

appraisal of

We carry out valuation of
any type of software
and applications.

branding 1

appraisal of

Know the true value of
your brand and its future projection.

startup 1

appraisal of

Did you start a company? Value it
It will help to know the pros and cons
Of the same.

Real Estate and Industrial Appraisals

At ANEPSA we have Specialized Appraisers in real estate and industrial valuation, thanks to this we provide you with a service where we analyze every aspect of the real estate and personal property that goes through the valuation process and with this we provide the real cost of your assets. 

If you want to carry out appraisals in Monterrey and Nuevo León Contact us to provide you with more information about our valuation process, which is supported by the most important agencies. 

What are the appraisals we do:

Real estate appraisals, home appraisals, insurance appraisal, value opinion appraisal, judicial appraisal, tax appraisals, cadastral appraisals.

Industrial appraisals, appraisals of machinery and equipment, appraisal of assets, control and inventory of fixed assets, software for fixed asset control.

man 1


apartment 1


condo 1


office building




parking area

Parking lots

mall 2






factory 1

ships and plants

Appraisals and Value Opinions in Monterrey from $1,450.00 MXN!

*The cost varies depending on the area and the type of appraisal that is carried out

We send you your quote the same day!


Contact us via Whatsapp, email or phone and tell us more about the appraisal you need.

2 advisers

Our advisors will contact you and will gladly answer all your questions.

3 quote

Receive your quote immediately via Whatsapp or email, any questions we will keep in touch with you.

4 valuation

Start the valuation process with us. We will be happy to support you, giving you the best care.

Benefits of doing appraisals in Monterrey with us

Frequent questions

Yes, thanks to our wide range of services and the fact that we have experts specialized in a large number of areas, we can carry out any type of valuation you require.

From the date on which the appraiser's visit is made, the document is delivered within a period of no more than three days and if more time is required, this will be reported and a date will be agreed upon. 

We have certifications in: Machinery and Equipment, Furniture, Treasury, Going Business and INDAABIN, in addition to belonging to the American Society of Appraisers

We try to keep all our clients covered, which is why when you request information we tell you if we have the possibility of going to where you are. 

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Where do we do appraisals in Monterrey?

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