Appraisals in Querétaro

Real estate, financial and industrial appraisals.

We cover the areas of: San Juan del Río, El Marqués, Corregidora, Pedro Escobedo, Tequisquiapan, among others. 

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At ANEPSA we have more than 30 years of experience in real estate, financial and industrial appraisals, which is why we have the highest quality standards and our expert appraisers are qualified to answer all questions and carry out a detailed valuation of your assets. . 

Our appraisals in Queretaro are focused on the needs that exist in the region, so we seek that our clients can have the exact value of their assets and that they can continue in operation.

Appraisals in Querétaro Real Estate and Industrial

At ANEPSA we are trained to value any property, thanks to the fact that we have real estate appraisals which allow us to obtain the fair value of your assets, for this we consider the most important aspects of the real estate and we take into account the characteristics found in it. , as they are: 

  • Square meters built 
  • Location 
  • Services available (water, electricity, drainage, gas)
  • State of conservation 
  • Age of the property  
  • Quality of finishes
  • Access roads 
  • Etc. 

Our appraisals in Querétaro are only carried out by an expert appraiser, who are experts who have a professional license issued by the SEP, which supports and authorizes them as a real estate appraiser and, according to the purpose of the appraisal, must be registered with other specific institutions.

What properties do we value?

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Parking lots

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Warehouses and industrial plants

Our services


real estate appraisal
We value any type of real estate so that you know the fair value and can carry out any procedure.

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Property Valuation
Know the cadastral value of your assets and update or corroborate the information for the payment of ISAI or ISR.

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Insurance Appraisal
We value your assets so that this value is considered when calculating the Payment of Insurance Premiums and Compensation.

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Broker's Price Opinion (BPO)
Estimate the values and costs of your real estate through the market approach.


Land Appraisal
Know the value of your land based on its characteristics, whether it is a rural or urban land.


Industrial Appraisals
Industrial appraisals help you value your company's tangible and intangible assets based on the type of industry.

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Machinery and Equipment Valuation
Confirm that all your machinery and equipment is fine through an appraisal in which its real value is obtained before the market.

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Fixed Assets Control
Keep all the assets that are in your company in order and know their location and status.


Asset Valuation
Through these appraisals you will be able to know the real value of your tangible and intangible assets.


Business Valuation
Know the real value of your company's shares and their long-term value.

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Software Appraisal
Software is an important intangible asset, which must be valued and protected as intellectual property.

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Startup Valuation
This valuation allows you to evaluate the entrepreneurial team, potential clients, existing agreements and contracts, and the degree of technological innovation that is being used.

Appraisals in Querétaro and Value Opinions from $2,100.00 MXN!*

*The cost of appraisals varies depending on the area and the type of appraisal that is carried out.


We handle confidentiality and information security.


Our Expert Appraisers have certifications, titles and professional certificates to provide you with the best service.


We cover the needs of each place and person.


We deliver appraisals in Querétaro

appraisals in queretaro

Frequent questions

What types of appraisals do you do?

Thanks to the fact that we have a wide variety of experts who are specialized in different areas, we can cover a wide range of services in real estate, financial and industrial appraisals.

How long does it take to deliver the appraisal?

From the time the Expert Appraiser makes the visit, the appraisal is delivered within a period of three days. If more time is required, we will let you know by agreeing on a commitment date.

What certifications do they have?

We have certifications in appraisals of machinery and equipment, real estate, business in progress, among others.

In which areas of Querétaro do you carry out appraisals?

We carry out appraisals in Querétaro, San Juan del Río, El Marqués, Corregidora, Pedro Escobedo, Tequisquiapan, among others.

Contact us and request information about our appraisals in Querétaro

Our clients

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