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We carry out appraisals in the following areas: Reynosa, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Victoria, Tampico, Altamira, Ciudad Madero, Río Bravo, El Mante, among others, ask our advisors if we cover your area.

One of the concerns of Grupo ANEPSA is to be able to provide our clients with services that meet the needs of each state, which is why we have a wide variety of services that range from the valuation of real estate, to obtaining the value and analysis of transport equipment and companies dedicated to different areas.

That is why we try to have many collaborators who cover the different areas regarding valuation services and we take care that each one of our clients receives an efficient treatment, with quality appraisals and with a service in which the best of the attention in each of the appraisals in Tamaulipas, Reynosa.  

Real Estate and Industrial Appraisals

Part of our range of services includes real estate and industrial appraisals, since we know that the population of the region needs to know the value of their real estate, as well as the industries that exist in the region, which is why we have expert appraisers. specialized in these areas that help and are trained to meet the needs of this sector. 

These services allow us to value industries such as textiles, mining, food, aeronautics, oil, transportation, among others; while in the case of real estate valuations we can obtain the value of houses, warehouses, buildings, apartments, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, among others. 

Real estate appraisals, home appraisal, cadastral appraisal, fiscal appraisal, appraisal by value opinion, land appraisal, judicial appraisal.

Industrial appraisals, machinery and equipment appraisals, property appraisals, fixed asset control, fixed asset inventory, fixed asset software.

What properties do we value?

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Ships and Plants





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Frequent questions

At ANEPSA we have a wide range of services which allows us to provide our clients with all kinds of appraisals and value all kinds of assets, which is why we have experts specialized in real estate, companies, software, buildings, land, hotels, shopping centers. , among other assets. 

One of our main goals is to be able to provide our clients with a quality service without the need for an office, which is why we have the possibility of scheduling an appointment with the appraisal that is required and that in this way the appraiser goes to the where the appraisal is required. 

In general, we promise to deliver an appraisal within a period of around three to five business days, however, in the event of delays, you will be notified and a commitment date for delivery of the appraisal will be agreed upon. 

We carry out appraisals in the following areas: 

  • reynosa 
  • matamoros 
  • Nuevo Laredo
  • Victory 
  • tampico 
  • Altamira 
  • madero city 
  • Bravo River 
  • The Mante

Among other areas, if you do not see the site where you require your appraisal, ask our advisors for the coverage area. 

Opinions of value and Appraisals in Tamaulipas, Reynosa from $2,100.00 MXN!*

*This cost depends on the type of appraisal that is going to be carried out and the real estate to be valued, so it tends to vary.

What are our appraisal services in Tamaulipas?

Real Estate Appraisal

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Real Estate Appraisal

We carry out the analysis of the characteristics of each real estate with the purpose of obtaining the exact value of the assets, through different methodologies that allow us to correctly value the assets.

value opinion

The opinions of value help to make an approximation of the value of the goods, this value is not exact since only the method of market comparisons and the analysis of specific characteristics are used.

Land Appraisals

A piece of land has a specific value depending on the characteristics it has, which can be: the square meters it has, if it has buildings, the type of soil, the climate, among others.

Cadastral Appraisals

If you want to review and corroborate the payment of the property tax, an appraisal is requested that provides the correct amount to be paid or the update of this value.

Judicial Appraisal

In the event that assets are involved in a trial and there is no agreement on them, the judge will request an appraisal that allows decisions to be made on the assets in question.

Industrial Appraisals

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Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

With the purpose of carrying out procedures or knowing the state in which the machinery is located and its value, an appraisal is made that allows analyzing the characteristics of each element within the machinery and equipment of the companies.

Industrial Appraisals

According to the characteristics of each industry, the value of the elements within them is obtained, with the purpose of being able to have a value and carry out any type of procedure that is required.

property valuation

We carry out the appraisal of different movable and immovable assets and also of intangible assets, this with the purpose of obtaining their value.

Fixed Assets Control

The CAF serves so that companies can adequately carry the company's assets, this so that they have all the information in one place through formats implemented by ANEPSA.

Fixed Assets Inventory

We help companies identify the assets they have and we show them how to carry out a correct inventory, we also apply (if required) plates and labels to the assets. 

Financial Appraisals


company valuation

The valuation of companies is a process by which the total value of a company can be obtained considering the assets and the cash flow that are in it.

Software Appraisal

A company that develops software has an intangible value in each of its projects, through an appraisal you will be able to find out how much your company's software is worth. 

Brand Appraisal

A brand assessment will help to know the value that brands have depending on their characteristics and the profits that they generate or will generate, as well as the way in which they connect with customers.

Startup Appraisal

These appraisals will allow you to know the prospects of the company in the future as well as the profits it will obtain, this will serve to obtain financing. 

Intangible Asset Valuation

Within these appraisals, the value of all those assets that do not have a physical form is obtained and that, nevertheless, represent an important part of the shares of a company since they provide a monetary benefit.

Why is an appraiser important?

An appraiser is important for society since they are people who are trained and qualified to obtain the exact value of people's assets since they have experience in observing the details and the different characteristics of each asset, identifying the things that give it greater or lesser value to the goods. 

The appraisers must have a title and certificate that certifies them in the matter of valuation and that also provides them with the necessary knowledge to be able to issue the opinion and with this provide the client with the appraisal. 

These appraisals are documents that are valid for approximately 6 months to a year and are used so that people can carry out any type of procedure with the assets and have a document that protects them at the time of doing so. 

To determine the value of the assets, the appraiser analyzes a series of characteristics that allow determining the value of each asset, among these characteristics are: age, economic benefits, finishes, size, type of construction, among other factors. 

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What benefits does ANEPSA offer its clients?

Carrying out appraisals with us offers clients a series of great benefits, since from the first contact we provide a personalized service, as well as follow-up to find out if the client was satisfied with our services, in addition our appraisers are trained and qualified in matter of the appraisal that is required, that is why we offer the confidence of being carrying out appraisals objectively and with quality. 

Another of the benefits of Grupo ANEPSA is that we have high levels of security that protect our customers' information from the first contact, thanks to the fact that our staff is trained to store and take care of our customers' information from the first contact.

In the case of our appraisals, we have national certifications that allow us to issue certified appraisals that our clients can bring to any public or private agency, so we offer quality appraisals and a comprehensive service from the first contact. 

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