Fixed Assets Control
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

ANEPSA is one of the pioneers in Fixed Asset Control in Mexico. We help achieve and maintain adequate control of a company's fixed assets, providing customized solutions tailored to your needs. This is thanks to the wide range of tools and the team of professional experts in the field.

Integration and rectification of the accounting statement

The accounting list that the company has must be reviewed for the individual identification of each asset without altering its amount of accumulated depreciation and investment, in this way we will have a broad and reliable accounting base for reconciliation.

Inventory and plating

Filling in formats (make, model, series, etc.). Placement of label or plaque. Assignment of asset number.

Reconciliation with accounting books

The database made at the beginning of the fixed asset control process must be related to the acquisition cost expressed in the accounting document with which it was acquired. The objective of this phase is to assign and verify the book values of each physically identified asset.

What will the Fixed Asset Control System database contain?

  • Physical identification code of each asset
  • Equipment Code and Model
  • Broad description of the asset
  • Acquisition date
  • Acquisition accounting document and accounting record number
  • User Area
  • Accounting Cost Center
  • acquisition cost
  • Asset net values
  • Current status
  • Financial Depreciation
  • Responsible Employee
  • Fixed asset original cost

Products for the Control of Fixed Assets

laptop fixed asset control

Fixed Assets Control Software

Through various solutions for clients, a comprehensive tool for the administration of fixed assets called SAAF has been designed. Its objective is to consider the most important aspects in the acquisition, maintenance, replacement, administration and financial implications of fixed assets within the company.


Barcode and QR Code Plates and Labels

Steel and aluminum plates and self-adhesive labels with barcodes and QR, for easy identification of assets by unique code, suitable for any type of environment.

barcode scanners

Barcode Readers

A wide variety of barcode reading equipment is supplied, adapted to the needs for the easy identification of your assets.


RFID tags

Small, self-adhesive devices that contain antennas that allow them to receive and respond to radio frequency requests from an RFID transmitter-receiver.

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