How is a property appraisal done?

farm appraisal

What is a farm? 

A estate it's a property that has the possibility of being rural or urban. 

When talking about urban farms, reference is made to places intended for housing, while industrial farms are oriented towards production, there are also rustic farms which are used for agricultural practices. 

Depending on the country where the definition is consulted, it may change, but in general terms these are the concepts used in LATAM.

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Types of farms

Rustic property:industrial estate:Urban farm:
It is the one destined to agriculture, livestock and this type of activities, in this category are the agricultural farms, where a product is produced to market to intermediaries. These farms have soil suitable for industries, with special specifications such as size and location.Contrary to the rustic, this farm is a habitable building, they can even be converted into shops or industries, it is not necessary that these farms are in the urban center 

What is a hunting farm?

Within the category of rural properties There are different ways to exploit its benefits as much as possible, a  hunting farm that is intended for hunting uses its land to be an exclusive hunting space and this type of farm has the characteristic of being both public and private.

The type of hunting used here is controlled or sustainable; sustainable hunting is understood to be that which does not occur with overexploitation or artificialization.

Achieving thanks to the hunting of only a part of the population, taking care of and leaving intact its ability to maintain itself indefinitely over time, in this way the populations are maintained. hunting, natural and wild.

What should I know before buying a farm?

If you dedicate yourself to agriculture or some activity of this type and you need to acquire a place where you can grow crops and various activities

  • The chosen place must be closely related to the crops that are intended to be developed, this helps to define the monetary investment that needs to be made to make the acquired land productive. 
  • It must be valued at a fair price according to its physical characteristics, both interior and exterior, and factors such as market price, area in which it is located, and surroundings. 
  • Verify that your cadastral, mortgage situation and all legal and tax issues
  •  That there is no type of debt in any institution
  • That the deeds are in the name of the person who will make the sale, and with the real square meters or hectares, 

All this can be corroborated by an expert appraiser when carrying out a valuation of the property, in ANEPSA We have professional experts on the subject, if you need advice contact to one of our advisers. 

What is a property appraisal?

An appraisal is a study through which it is possible to determine a real and accurate value of a real estate or some other property owned by the company, through this study the interior physical characteristics and exterior factors of the property are evaluated.

A specifically property appraisal estimates values of land and buildings, in order to determine an amount for the sale, rental or purchase of the property, some loans, insurance policies, procedures, etc.

What information is collected in a farm appraisal?

An appraiser, who is the person in charge of carrying out the study, will therefore be in charge of collecting the necessary information such as: 

  1. Floor
  2. Topography 
  3. zoning laws 
  4. Potential uses of the property 
  5. The current use of said property
  6. Especially the potential it has for income with the different uses that can be given to it 
  7. Condition in which the property is located
  8. Its market value 

A commercial appraisal is the correct one to carry out a property appraisal, an expert must take into account the agricultural practices in your area and know the type of property that is being valued, as well as be willing to make some changes or improvements due to any environmental or economic changes that suffer the area from the study carried out. 

In Anepsa We have various types of appraisals, including agricultural appraisals, where each of the characteristics of the property, the activity and the factors that may affect it are analyzed in detail. 

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