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.It is a construction plan or representation of a future work, depending on the type of work will be the number of plans that must be used, to understand it better, an architectural plan is a basis for builders to put on paper everything they want Take said project, therefore the more detailed it is, the more useful it will be.



Linear, superficial and volumetric dimensions, construction materials, textures, distances and heights of the constructions are also specified in a plan.

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What are the types of plans?

A plan can be general or detailed for the work itself or even for equipment in the workshop, these must be standardized based on the standards. UNE, which are a set of standards to standardize so that the plans are manageable, speaking of types of plans we can mention some. 


Location and location plans: They reflect the location of the project works in relation to its scale, information is provided about the general environment of the area where the construction is planned.

Foundation plan: It is carried out at scale (1:50) and here masonry foundations, castles, shoes, columns, chains and contrabeams are reflected.

Deck plans: The use of tiles, slates, manzarin or fiber cement that the work in question will have is specified. 

Facilities plans: This representation is as extensive as how complex the building has to be; plumbing and electrical installations are also specified here. 

Structural plans: A structure plan is drawn for each different floor, the concrete, steel and reinforcement materials must be specified. 

Elevation plans: It is given a three-dimensional shape in order to better understand and represent the graphics.

Section plans: The objective is to represent characteristics of the building that were not sufficiently explained.

Detailed plans: It broadens aspects that were not sufficiently clear at scale.

Complementary plans: Reinforcing the understanding of the project, making conical or axonometric perspectives that give us a three-dimensional vision.

Where and how to register an architectural plan?

To register an architectural plan it is necessary to go to the INDUSTRIAL which is a decentralized body responsible for protecting and promoting copyright; promote creativity; control and manage the public registry of copyright and keep the nation's cultural heritage updated, which is why it provides the opportunity to register various branches, including architecture. By registering the work we have benefits such as: 


  • Obtain a document that verifies and recognizes you as the author.
  • Permanent protection of the work.
  • Publicity to the work through its inscription.

What is a house plan and what is it for?

The house, dwelling or construction plan is a visual and detailed representation of a future work to be carried out, they serve as a guide for builders, since they must have a high level of specificity, detail and precision. 

These types of plans are also useful for potential buyers and future owners, as it will allow them to know the details of the house in a specific way, distribution and details. 

Some of the types of house plans are: 

    • Location plan: It is basic, just to locate the house on the land, visualize it in a general panorama but without being specific. 
    • Facilities plan: How are the facilities going to be distributed inside the house?
    • Distribution plans: Floor plans are those that specify the distribution of the house, in terms of walls, doors, rooms, windows, etc. 
    • Structure plans: Here materials that will be the foundations of the house should be mentioned, such as columns and matrixes of the construction architecture. 
    • Lighting plans: Literally the lighting inside the house.  
    • Landscaping plans: Where the landscape architecture will be shown and graphed, from irrigation systems to decorations and even the type of species.
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Where can I get the plans for my home?

Some of the places where you can get the plans for your house are very accessible, since you can get them from the same builder or developer of the property, as well as from the town hall or cadastre, but with the knowledge that on many occasions, having undergone changes or modifications and not having registered them, the plans will not be completely reliable and in this type of case the most feasible thing is to contact an architect or professional in the field in order to obtain a drawing plans.  


In Mexico there is an organization called Institute of Administration and Appraisals of National Assets where it is possible to request a simple or certified copy of the plan of a federal property, only through a request with information about the person requesting it and the location of the property as well as payment of fees. 

How to make a property plan?

At present there are already various applications to help you create architectural plans for a property easily and from your home, we mention some of the most used applications: 


Planner 5D

floor planner 


Sweet Home 3D 


It is important to mention that These are only an auxiliary to suggest or mention to the experts on the subject what you would like your home, characteristics, decorations, distribution, lighting, etc., but the most advisable thing is to work hand in hand with an architect, since there are certain reforms that They need prior permission depending on your location. 

Some of the steps that should be followed to create the plan are: 


    • Identify the need and idea to design or visualize the reform that you want to implement in an already structured construction. 
    • Differentiate between the night area and the day area, classifying according to the times and activities to be carried out in each of the rooms, such as the dining room, kitchen, living room, and rest rooms. 
    • Make the plan to scale of the structure already built or to be built.
    • Decide which of the APPS that we mentioned before to use and create the plan. 
    • The decoration and finishes will be the final part of the process, since it is only detailing to your liking what you want to add to the interior or exterior. 

How to make a plan of a building?

For all the creation of the different types of plans, it is necessary in the first instance to know their useful purpose, since based on this they will be different from each other, unrelated to the above, the plans for a building must be construction plans where specifically detail materials, rooms, distribution, etc. A general distribution plan indicates the distribution of spaces in the buildings, the location of the different works and machinery and the details of the complex. 

Building plan

What is an industrial plan?

They are those graphics and visual representations that provide information on procedures or devices of an industrial sector, in order to make an industrial plan it is necessary in the first instance to know the distribution of the equipment and elements that exist within an industrial plant, because based on what that is observed, a document can be made that contains the elements and spaces such as:


General areas






It is necessary that a expert appraiser take the necessary measures to establish the distribution that the plant has and thus be able to prepare the industrial plan with the main zones, if necessary also place icons to identify elements such as important zones or specific areas. 

When the measurements are taken, the plans will be worked on in some software dedicated to them, such as AutoCad and there all the information will be emptied to be able to make the plan.

What are industrial buildings?

They are properties that serve various purposes, since they are multifunctional within cities, they must be built in large areas and that allow several industrial warehouses to be placed, which is why they are assigned the name of park, central or industrial estates.These warehouses can be useful for different uses and storage. Like any tangible or intangible asset, these can be valued by expert experts on the subject to know the real value. Some aspects that must be taken into account for this valuation are: 


  • Background
  • urban characteristics 
  • Land Overview
  • construction elements
  • Considerations prior to the appraisal 
  • Comparative Market Value
  • physical or direct value
  • Value by income capitalization 
  • Summary 
  • Considerations prior to conclusion 
  • Conclusion 
  • Photographic report 

Classification of industrial plans

Considering the area of application, since the object to be represented can be machinery, industrial equipment, a home, a building, and even the geographical space where these objects are located, it is possible to classify the technical drawing according to the area of application as follows : 


Industry area: It represents fixed or mobile industrial facilities, operations, production apparatus, processes, and products.

Topographic area: It is used in the representation of spaces or geographical areas such as: roads, contour lines, land, among others.

Architectural or civil area: Used in architecture in general and civil engineering drawing, through which all kinds of buildings, constructions and the elements that make them up are represented.

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