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ANEPSA Expert Appraisers and Appraisals in Yucatan, Mérida

We carry out appraisals in Yucatan, which covers the regions of: Mérida, Kanasín, Valladolid, Tizimín, Umán, Progreso, among others.

For ANEPSA Yuctán it is an important point since we consider that this is a point that has a lot of real estate development and sale of land, in addition to the tourism sector and the use of renewable energies; This is why we carry out appraisals in Yucatan and various areas of the state. 

30 years of experience allow us to help the inhabitants of the region to solve their needs in terms of real estate, financial and industrial appraisals. 

We carry out Real Estate and Industrial Appraisals in Yucatán and Mérida

At ANEPSA we know that one of the most important economic sectors is real estate and industrial, which is why we have Certified Expert Appraisers who are in constant training to be able to carry out appraisals in Yucatan with the best service and attention to all our clients. Therefore, within our range of services we have the following appraisals: 

Opinions of value and Appraisals in Yucatán, Mérida from $2,100.00 MXN!*

*This cost varies depending on the type of appraisal requested and the type of real estate to be appraised.

What are the benefits of ANEPSA when carrying out appraisals in Yucatán, Mérida?

All our Appraisers are certified

At ANEPSA we know how important it is for our collaborators to receive constant training, which is why all of our experts have a title and professional certificate, in addition to receiving courses on a continuous basis to update their knowledge and to be able to provide better service when carrying out an appraisal. This is why you will always be attended by trained and qualified personnel to carry out any type of appraisal that you request. 

All our appraisals are delivered certified

We offer our clients the assurance that all our appraisals are delivered with the relevant certification in terms of valuation, in addition to being a company dedicated to making appraisals, we have certifications at the national level. 

We care about the confidentiality and security of information

We have high security protocols that allow us to handle information safely and taking care of the confidentiality of the information provided. 

We cover and adapt to the requests of our clients

Thanks to the fact that at ANEPSA we are in constant training to be able to improve our service, we are adapting to the changes that arise over the years, we modernize our service and thus cover the needs of our clients to carry out appraisals wherever they are. 

Quote immediately appraisals in Yucatan!


We have different means of contact through which you can communicate with us.

2 advisers

When you get in touch, our advisors will talk to you to find out about the appraisal you require and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

3 quote

At the end of the call we will send you the appraisal quote via email or WhatsApp, so you can review it.

4 valuation

If everything is fine with the quote, we will request the necessary documents to begin the valuation process and the visit appointment will be made.

What are our appraisal services in Yucatan?

Real Estate Appraisal

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Real Estate Appraisal

These appraisals allow us to obtain the value of any real estate, through different methodologies, we make appraisals of houses, offices, warehouses, buildings, apartments, among others.

Cadastral Appraisals

In the event that it is considered that there is an error in the payment of taxes for a real estate property, the cadastral appraisal allows updating the property tax payment and adjusting the amount paid for the property in question.

Land Appraisals

Taking into account the characteristics of the land (climate, type of soil, location, etc.) its value can be obtained, considering whether it is a rural or urban area. 

Judicial Appraisal

In the event that real estate is part of a legal dispute, a judicial appraisal can be requested for the assets that are involved. Generally these appraisals are requested by the judge or one of the parties involved.

value opinion

If you are looking to obtain a partial value of a real estate and buy real estate in the area, you can request a value opinion which will also take into account the added values of the real estate.

Industrial Appraisals

factory 1

Industrial Appraisals

These appraisals take into account the characteristics of the industrial sector and estimate the value of the assets that the company has, as well as machinery and equipment. We can carry out the valuation of any type of industry.

Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Carrying out an appraisal of machinery and equipment will help companies to know the state in which the machinery is located and with this to be able to know its value. 

property valuation

Knowing the value of the goods is important to be able to insure them or carry out any procedure, which is why we determine their value based on the specific characteristics of each one.

Fixed Assets Control

For companies it is important to consider taking control of assets that allows them to know the state in which they are, which is why we consider all company assets and their accounting data.

Fixed Assets Inventory

Through the collection of information and the placement of plates and labels that allow the rapid identification of the assets is how we carry out the inventory of fixed assets of the companies.

Financial Appraisals


company valuation

make a business valuation It allows knowledge of the value of the company and the profits that it will generate in the future through different valuation methodologies. 

Software Appraisal

A company that develops software has an intangible value in each of its projects, through an appraisal you will be able to know how much the software of your company 

Brand Appraisal

He brand appraisal It will help to identify the value of the brand and the economic benefits that the brand will generate in the future.  

Startup Appraisal

In order to obtain financing that allows the business to continue running, the competitive and monetary advantages of the business are analyzed or startup

Intangible Asset Valuation

assets intangibles They represent a percentage of the value of the companies, which is why when valuing them, it is possible to know exactly the value they represent.

Why contact an appraiser?

By contacting an appraiser who is qualified with a title and professional license, the client ensures that a comprehensive service is provided, since the appraisers are trained to calculate the exact value of the personal and real estate that they want to review. 

An appraiser is in charge of reviewing the specific characteristics of each property and in this way to be able to obtain the value that these have, for this reason they will analyze aspects such as: age, brand, model, series, size, among other characteristics. 

In order to provide a comprehensive service, we have several appraisers who are specialized in different areas and that allow us to provide services of any type of appraisal. 

What benefits does ANEPSA offer its clients?

At ANEPSA we take care that our clients feel safe, this is because we have high security standards that allow us to keep our clients' information securely from the first contact and in the same way we keep the documentation that they provide us to be able to perform the appraisal. 

Hand in hand with security goes the quality of the appraisals, since each of these is delivered certified by the main dependencies and endorsed so that our clients can be sure that they are being delivered a document that has a Valid from 6 months to 1 year depending on the appraisal and procedure to be carried out. 

Another benefit that we grant to our clients is that all our appraisers have certifications, are prepared with a title and professional certificate and also provide a friendly service, where they answer our clients' questions truthfully and provide all the necessary information. 

What properties do we value?

man 1


condo 1


apartment 1




factory 1

Ships and Plants





mall 2




floor 1


Frequent questions

Thanks to the fact that we have a large staff of appraisal experts who are specialized in different areas, we can carry out appraisals in Yucatan of all kinds, both real estate, companies and even hotels. 

Our advisors are trained to provide you with information on any type of appraisal that you require. 

We do not have physical offices in the state, however, we will be happy to provide you with assistance through our means of contact and that you can tell us about what you need, this will allow us to come to carry out the valuation with the necessary equipment. 

The delivery time will depend on the type of appraisal that is made. At the time of sending the quote, the delivery time of the appraisal is set and in the event that we consider that we require more time, we will notify you agreeing on a delivery date. 

We carry out real estate appraisals in Mérida, in addition to covering the areas of: 

  • kanasin
  • Valladolid
  • Tizimin
  • uman 
  • Progress

Among other areas of the state, if you do not see the site where you require your appraisal, ask our advisors for the coverage area. 

It depends on the procedure you want to carry out, since an appraisal is requested to have a document that works as a guarantee of the value of an asset, whether real or movable, and that in this way the procedure is carried out more easily. 

Each one of the appraisals is carried out by specialized personnel who have the necessary knowledge in terms of valuations and in the corresponding area. 

Among the documents that are delivered with the appraisal are the opinions made by the expert where the procedures used are described, what was observed during the visit, the photographic report and plans of the property (if necessary). 

Both the opinion and the documents that are delivered may vary depending on the type of appraisal that has been carried out.

An appraisal can only be carried out by expert appraisers who have a professional license and title in the specific area of valuation, which is why whenever you request an appraisal, the expert must show his or her ID or title that certifies him as an appraisal.

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appraisals in yucatan

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