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coliving coworking

The workflow has become more and more dynamic, which causes the existence of hybrid modalities that allow workers to move from one place to another, work from home and have different work spaces, which is why modalities such as coliving and coworking have emerged. 

Both terms arise from the idea of shared spaces in which people can have private spaces and at the same time they share other areas. 

In the case of coworkings, there are private offices, meeting rooms or cubicles, while in the case of colivings, there are rooms for each of the members and they share space such as rooftops, living room, dining room and kitchen. 

What are the benefits of coliving and coworking? 

On the one hand, these spaces can be considered for itinerant people, who seek to work or live in freer spaces and without the restrictions that a contract can place in a home or office. 

Also, in the case of coliving, these can be useful spaces for those people who travel continuously for personal or work reasons, since there are no contracts that are for long periods of time, however, there are rules that they must be respected. 

The coworkings They are functional spaces for those companies or workers that have small teams or that seek to work in freer spaces but that have all the comforts that offices can provide and even a few more, since they have more dynamic work spaces and if Although they have some rules of care, there are not as many restrictions as there might be in an office. 

Among the general benefits that these types of spaces provide is that they allow people or companies to save a large amount of money, since in a certain way they can share expenses or they are already spaces that have the necessary real estate, as well They provide a coexistence with people of similar tastes or allow you to meet more people. 

What are the disadvantages of these spaces?

Depending on the type of coexistence you are looking for, these spaces are focused on an environment in which you can coexist with other people or other professions, so it is better if you prefer a space where you are not in contact with others or need to have with a private office do not resort to these spaces. 

On the other hand, on many occasions you find people in all spheres and with different tastes who sometimes do not go with what you are looking for or are not similar to your personality, so you might feel uncomfortable. 

It must also be taken into account that since they are shared spaces, one must be with the idea that people can use them at any time, among other things. 

How does ANEPSA intervene in these places?

Being a company that performs appraisals, we can determine if a space is suitable to be a coworking or if it has the conditions to be a coliving, so we can carry out an appraisal of a business in progress, or an opinion of value. that allows the owners of these spaces to know the amount in which they can charge for these spaces. 

Another option is that in these places they also go to carry out an expert opinion, which will make it possible to determine the conditions under which the enclosure will operate and in this way to know the viability of any of the two spaces that they want to put up.

Known more about the way in which appraisals are carried out on our blog and request information with our advisors.

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