Tips to improve business management | How to improve the management of your company?

How to improve the management of your company

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Business management refers to the set of activities, processes and techniques that an organization uses to plan, coordinate, direct and control its resources and operations in order to achieve its objectives and goals. It involves making strategic and tactical decisions to ensure the success and survival of the company in a competitive and changing environment.

What does business management do?

Being an entrepreneur or leader of an organization has as a consequence responsibilities such as good business management, the most important pillar for all areas to function correctly. By learning and applying good practices in this management we will be able to know the process to direct and guide the companies. operations of an organization in order to realize the established objectives.

"Business management is the process of planning, organizing, integrating, directing and controlling the resources (intellectual, human, material, financial, among others) of an organization, with the purpose of obtaining the maximum benefit or achieving its objectives". 

Idalberto Chiavenato. General Theory of Administration.

For this, the administrators and area managers will be the key characters, because thanks to their decisions the direction of the company will take one direction or another., what is sought with these decisions is to propose and apply the correct strategies that give way to the correct development, growth and positioning of the company.



The person in charge of supervising the strategy has to carry out a personal and detailed follow-up of each function that is established and carried out, with the purpose of guaranteeing the effectiveness of the actions and the achievement of the established results, in the same way the company must not be left behind. competition, since they are the ones that will force the processes to be streamlined.



good business leader It is the person who manages to motivate his team and follow the best business management practices for success. Through business management, a company ensures that its collaborators achieve the best results with the least amount of effort using the available tools provided by the organization.

What are the benefits of good business management?

Not only are people in charge of carrying out business management, it is also necessary to use various technological tools such as a ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or enterprise resource planning, which is an assistant to help automate and manage business processes in different areas such as: finance, production, sales, supply chain, HR, operations, among others. 

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With this type of tools you can obtain: 

    • Calculation of flows in real time:  Knowing the current inputs and outputs.


    • Stock control: Checking stocks in the warehouse, very useful for product marketing.


    • Possibility to plan: It will help with the efficiency and control of activities.


    • Traceability of inputs and outputs: Supervise the modifications avoiding errors and delegating responsibilities, controlling each movement of activities. 


    • Improve internal communication: By doing so, decision-making will be easier and information will flow better within the company.


    • Facilitates a comprehensive action: An ERP has the advantage that certain modules can be activated according to the business of the company that occupies it and thus control the main areas.


    • Use through multiple devices: You can access your company's information from any device with internet access and with the corresponding accesses.


    • Security enhancement: Well, it has security elements and visualization of the modifications that the other collaborators make. 


    • Possibility of automatic modifications: Save time and workload.


  • Reduced margin of human error: By managing everything manually it is more likely that there will be errors from minimal to errors that considerably affect the company and with software it is much less or totally impossible for this to happen.

How to improve the management of your company? Tips for good business management

Involve employees
By giving orders in an authoritative way and creating a work routine for employees, it is consequently achieved that they only do their work in order to receive payment and look after their interests only, but the real objective is to discover or promote motivation with the In order for them to be interested in the vision of the company, a committed worker with the "shirt on" will always be more productive, will propose changes and make good publicity. 
Spend more time monitoring
Examine the daily activities and results of new campaigns, new strategies, etc. It will ensure that each of them is fulfilled in a timely manner, responsibilities are delegated, management is optimized and greater results are obtained as well as a company-employee link. 
Invest in technology and facilities
As technology advances, there are new tools that help the company, as well as innovations and modifications in processes, this will make them more agile, customer and collaborator databases more accessible, as well as the approach to users.
reward the effort
Employees need motivation like any human being, by recognizing their effort and dedication to work they feel motivated, valued, recognized, comfortable and even loyal to the company.
Link and communication
According to Patrick Lencioni and his texts talking about business management, it is mentioned that managers should not be anonymous figures and that living together and knowing the history and essence of each employee as far as possible and without crossing the line of work will be beneficial. to discover their aptitudes and skills, as well as build confidence in them.
cultural cohesion
That is, that employees share, apply and promote business values as well as the development of strategies to achieve positive and efficient results and project what we want from the company to customers.
Aligning the objectives as far as possible so that they are worked on as a team will help to achieve internal synergy, clearly worked and structured before.
coexistence activities
"No action, activity or process is more central to creating a healthy organization than the meeting" according to Lencioni's book the advantage, promote meetings, talks to find out the opinion and problems that stop the processes, and separate meetings of the labor with the sole purpose of reward and coexistence will be beneficial for the success of business management. 
Analyze the results
The evaluation of the results is the final part of the process or of the work carried out, although sometimes it must also be measured in the middle of it with the purpose of modifying or replicating the activities carried out depending on the result.

What are the areas of a company?

According to him size of the company will be the areas that it has, in the case of a small business the most common thing is that a single person, normally the owner, is the one who directs all of these, since the budget is not enough and on the contrary when the company is A larger size is no longer possible, since time and total attention must be allocated to each of the areas to provide correct follow-up. 

Among the most common are: 


Finance: In charge of the company's monetary resources.

Address: The party in charge of authorizing any activity that is carried out, since it is the head of the organization.

Production: It is in charge of the realization of the product, the costs and other factors that intervene in the realization of the same.

Marketing: Coordinate, propose and promote the company's sales strategies, as well as attract potential leads.

Human Resources: Responsible for recruiting, selecting and evaluating, hiring, organizing and motivating the employees of the organization.

Shopping: Responsible for authorizing and obtaining the necessary inputs for the proper functioning of each area.

Sales: An important pillar and the face of the company, since she is in charge of having communication with clients and bringing leads.

Now that you know the most important points to achieve good business management, you can start to improve processes and even completely change the management of your company, whether it is a small or medium-sized company, leaders are the first to apply the values that are promoted in the company. organization to motivate employees to replicate them as well. 

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