The inventory of fixed assets in your favor with a software

The inventory of fixed assets in your favor with a software

The inventory of fixed assets in your favor with a software


For companies that manage fixed assets it is important that they are aware of the assets that your company has, this is because these assets contribute money to the company, thanks to the constant operation, for this reason it is important that they constantly An inventory of fixed assets is carried out. 

Fixed asset software is a tool that is currently very useful for companies since it allows to have in one place the information of the assets that are found in it and in this way they can be constantly monitored. 

For this reason we will mention the benefits that the software offers you when carrying out the inventory of fixed assets. 

Generate plates and tags from assets

Through the software of fixed assets, plates and labels of the assets can be generated within the company, which allows them to be given a unique identification code and thus be able to enter them into the software where a file of the assets is generated. 

This tab contains important data on the assets such as the date of entry, the brand, the model, the serial number, the date of maintenance, among other information that is important to control the asset. 

Update fixed asset inventory 

A fixed asset software It helps you to have updated asset information since when carrying out any type of movement with the assets, the inventory of the assets can be automatically updated thanks to their entry and exit records. 

It is also important that depending on the number of assets held within the company, an update of the assets is carried out annually or approximately every two years, this with the purpose of keeping the information up to date and that it does not cost work to carry out new inventories. 

Make depreciations easier

By having a good inventory of the assets we can make the depreciation of the assets faster and easier, since within the software we can find this information, which if entered correctly can be displayed according to the years that the asset have been in the company. 

Keep assets in view 

The asset control software allows you to create vouchers to protect assets in case they move from their place of origin, in addition to allowing you to know the exact location of the assets. 

This allows companies not to lose sight of the location of assets, which sometimes require loans or constant travel. 

What other benefits does fixed asset software provide?

Among the benefits offered by the SAAF We can mention that this software gives you the option to create different catalogs in which you can see suppliers, employees, asset locations, inputs and outputs, among other functions in catalogs. 

It also allows you to generate barcode labels and QR codes, export asset data, manage and create users for different companies, and be able to upload photos of the assets. 

Dare to implement one of these softwares and make the asset and inventory management processes in your company easier.

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