Justivaluation appraisal and capitalization of income

Justivaluation appraisal and capitalization of income 1

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What is fair valuation?

Valuation is the process of determining the fair or adequate value of something, such as property, income, good or service, in the legal or economic context, it involves impartially and objectively evaluating the value of an asset or a transaction. To ensure that it is carried out fairly and in accordance with established regulations, justvaluation may involve the analysis of factors such as market, quality, demand and other relevant aspects to arrive at an accurate valuation and in some cases, justvaluation may be carried out by experts or professional appraisers to ensure an impartial and accurate evaluation.

What is income valuation?

The income appraisal In the field of valuation it involves identifying the equitable value of the periodic income produced by an asset, especially when considering the valuation of real estate, this stage is crucial to establish the value of a property or real estate investment.


Within the field of asset valuation, especially in the real estate sector, rental income plays a fundamental role in determining the value of an asset in the market, the proper evaluation of this income over time is essential in the income appraisal.


It is a fundamental element in the valuation of assets, since it contributes to establishing both the present and future value of an asset considering the income from the lease. Appraisers use different methods and perspectives to carry out this task, offering accurate estimates of the market value. of a property.

Benefits of having an appraiser carry out an income appraisal

Valuation Accuracy: Professional experts are specialized and knowledgeable in real estate evaluation, they are able to carry out a thorough examination of rental income, taking into account aspects such as leasing agreements, market trends, capitalization rates and other relevant factors, which results in a more accurate valuation of the property.


Adherence to Regulations: In various jurisdictions, the valuation of assets may be subject to particular rules and standards, expert experts are versed in these regulations and can ensure that the income assessment is carried out in accordance with established legal and ethical requirements.


Consideration of Essential Factors: Expert experts can more effectively recognize and analyze the crucial factors that influence the rental income and, therefore, the value of the real estate, these can include particularities of the local market, unique attributes of the property and relevant economic and social elements .


Reliability and Security: An expert's valuation is often considered highly reliable and safe, their analyzes are supported by their training, professional career and, in many cases, recognized certifications in the field of real estate valuation.


Dispute Resolution: In legal scenarios or disputes concerning property, the vision of a professional expert can be essential, their testimony can be used to support arguments and opinions in litigation, arbitration processes or conflict resolution instances.


Supports Strategic Decisions: Income assessment provides crucial data for making strategic decisions, whether purchasing, selling or managing a property, a professional can offer an unbiased and well-informed view that makes it simple to make informed decisions.


What is income capitalization?

Income capitalization is a method used in real estate valuation to determine the value of a property based on the income it generates, This approach involves converting the property's expected future income into a single present value. 


In other words, the capitalization of income implies calculate how much a property is worth based on the income it can generate over time, This method is generally used primarily for investment properties, such as apartment buildings, commercial properties, or rental properties, where rental income is the primary source of value.


The income capitalization process involves applying a capitalization rate to the expected net income of the property. The capitalization rate represents the investor's desired return and reflects the risk associated with investing in that particular property and the market. real estate in general. 


Applications of income capitalization

  • The fundamental premise of income focus, also known as income capitalization, is that no informed investor would be willing to purchase an income-producing property if the cost of acquiring and maintaining it is higher than the cost of investing in another asset with a similar level of risk and liquidity, and that generates the same income as the property.


  • In the residual evaluation, also known as “residual value”, the value that results from applying an income approach is determined. This process involves identifying the most probable use of the land, specifying the characteristics, the estimated sales price and the amount of salable real estate units that could be built, with this data, the value of the land is established with the units built, from which the necessary costs for its production, promotion and sale are subtracted, this provides the current value of the land in its current state .


In summary, fair valuation focuses on determining the fair value of an asset considering multiple factors, while income capitalization is a specific method within property valuation that focuses on the income that an asset can generate and its present value. .

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