Management of fixed assets in clinics and its importance

Management of fixed assets in clinics and its importance

Asset management in clinics


Asset management in clinics

For a private and public clinic, it is important that there is adequate asset management, since this will allow the assets to be kept in optimal conditions and to provide patients with a service that meets quality health standards. 

Currently Mexico It has a large number of clinics in different areas of health, so it is essential that they are operating properly and have all the necessary measures to provide adequate care and service. 

What is asset management?

Asset management allows proper and timely maintenance of the assets that exist in the clinics, this may include preparing a prior fixed asset control plan in which an inventory is carried out and all assets are marked. what is in the company 

Among the assets that can be managed are the following: 

  • Vital signs monitoring equipment
  • Lighting equipment, surgical and examination lights 
  • beds for patients 
  • Laboratory equipment 
  • sterilizing equipment 
  • electrocardiographic equipment 
  • Medical devices for performance or stress tests 
  • Anesthesiology medical apparatus and equipment 
  • Defibrillator medical equipment 
  • X-ray and ultrasound machines 
  • electrosurgical unit 

What are the steps to get to asset management in clinics?

In order to carry out asset management adequately, it is necessary that a fixed asset control has previously been carried out adequately, this with the purpose that the space has in a single database all the assets it has and of in this way that they can be inventoried and marked with identification plates or labels. 

Once the inventory and marking of assets have been carried out, a review of the invoices or receipts that are held for the assets is carried out, which are entered into the corresponding database. 

In the last step, a comparison of the database obtained with the invoices (accounting list) and the inventory of the assets is carried out and a decision is made on those assets that do not have complete data. 

Once the control of assets has been adequately carried out, an adequate management of the assets can be carried out. 

In which clinics can we carry out asset management?

Below we will mention some laboratories and medical spaces where we can carry out asset management, as well as part of the equipment for which it is important to manage. 

  • Dental clinic: For these clinics it is important that the instruments and equipment are in good condition and functioning, so equipment such as the dental chair, intraoral light camera, instrument holder unit, oral evacuation accessories, sterilization equipment, etc. can be checked. among others. 
  • Veterinary clinic: These clinics have equipment specialized in the care and attention of different species, so among the assets that can be managed are dental and body veterinary x-ray systems, monitors, fans, examination tables, tomography, among others. 
  • Ophthalmology clinic: Refraction units, examination chairs, test projectors, phoropters, slit lamps, retinal cameras, operating tables, surgical microscopes and ophthalmic examination. 
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic: Ultrasound scanners, fetal monitors, gynecology lasers, examination tables and gynecological operations, gynecological examination chairs. 
  • Podiatry clinic: Insole manufacturing machines, orthopedic 3D scanners, pedicure chairs and stations, pedicure motors, among others. 
  • Health clinic
  • Rehabilitation clinic 
  • private hospitals 
  • Public hospitals 
  • Dental laboratory 
  • Medic laboratory 
  • Biology lab 
  • veterinary laboratories 

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