Maintenance of machinery and equipment, its importance and benefits

Machinery and equipment maintenance

machinery and equipment maintenance

Machinery and equipment maintenance

One of the most important aspects that companies must consider is that An effort must be made to constantly maintain machinery and equipment, with the purpose of being able to maintain the assets that exist in the company in an ideal state. 

This is because the fact of not doing it constantly can lead to internal problems within the company, such as losses of both assets and money, in addition to having to put more money into the repairs that must be made to the assets. 

What are the types of maintenance? 

Among the types of maintenance that can be performed on machinery and equipment we can find: 

  • Preventive maintenance: It is one that is carried out constantly to prevent the deterioration of assets and thus avoid reaching corrective maintenance. 
  • Predictive maintenance: Seeks to obtain statistical data on machinery and equipment within the company and in this way be able to carry out an analysis of the maintenance that is going to be required and thus carry it out before a failure occurs. 
  • Corrective maintenance: This is the type of maintenance that is sought to be avoided, since it is carried out when the machinery and equipment suffered wear and tear to the point of presenting errors or failures that cause the pace of work to stop.

What recommendations can we follow when carrying out maintenance on machinery and equipment?

Among the recommendations provided to companies to carry out the maintenance of machinery and equipment, it should be considered that this is carried out by a specialist in the type of machinery to which the repair is going to be carried out, since this will avoid human errors. that can cause other failures. 

Another recommendation that can be given is that it is important for companies to have both a machinery and equipment maintenance department and personnel in charge of keeping an eye on the machinery and equipment within the company. and that these are the ones who carry out and give notice of maintenance alerts. 

Another important point is that the pieces of machinery and equipment that are being used when providing maintenance must be considered in a timely manner, since this is considered an expense within the company and must be planned in advance. 

It is also important that a detailed record of the maintenance carried out in the company be kept, this in order to have knowledge of the parts that have been changed or of the personnel who have made the changes within the machinery and equipment. 

Why is maintenance of machinery and equipment important? 

Make a machinery maintenance and equipment constantly is important for each of the work spaces which require that the workstations be kept in a correct state and that in this way productions within the company do not have to stop. 

In addition, this allows collaborators to be sure that the machines they are operating are in good condition and that in this way they do not have risks or accidents at work. 

By performing maintenance in a timely manner, the useful life of machinery and equipment within the company can also be extended since its operation is maintained properly and the prevention of failures or errors helps to make changes in a timely manner, even if The asset has already completed its useful life. 

Can software be used for the maintenance of machinery and equipment? 

To keep an adequate control of the machinery and equipment within the company, a fixed asset control software such as SAAF It can support us since it allows us to generate asset maintenance alerts, as well as save information sheets where the asset data, changed parts, person responsible for the changes, maintenance cost, among others. 

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