Importance of fixed asset management in restaurants

Management of fixed assets in restaurants

Asset management in restaurants


Fixed asset management restaurants It is essential for the operational and financial success of the business, for all types of spaces where food preparation is carried out it is important that fixed asset management is carried out appropriately, this is because in each of the establishments there may be equipment that is used constantly and that provides economic benefits to the company, which may go unnoticed. 

In addition, as it is equipment that is used constantly, proper functioning must be ensured to provide security to collaborators and that by keeping it in good condition, a constant workflow can be achieved. 

What is meant by fixed asset management?

The management of fixed assets is to periodically carry out preventive maintenance on the assets that exist in the company, this includes all the machinery, equipment and furniture that it has and allows to know the state of the assets so that they do not suffer failures that interfere with the company's work cycle and can be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. 

It is a comprehensive process that encompasses the acquisition, registration, maintenance, replacement scheduling, decommissioning, valuation and analysis of an organization's fixed assets, its main objective is to ensure efficient and effective use of assets to maximize value and performance. Over time, this process involves a series of activities and decisions aimed at maximizing the value and utility of these assets.

What benefits does proper asset management provide? 

Carrying out proper management of fixed assets within a restaurant allows internal security that both the equipment and furniture are in optimal conditions to operate and provide a quality service, in addition to the fact that repairs and repairs can be carried out. maintenance in a timely manner. 

This will allow you not to have to reach the last stage of maintenance in which you have to replace the part, which can mean economic losses for the company due to the interruption of operations. 

Performance Optimization: Proper management of fixed assets allows you to maximize their performance and utility, regular and planned maintenance of assets helps prevent failures and guarantee their optimal operation, which in turn improves the operational efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Reduction of operating costs: The efficient management of fixed assets contributes to the reduction of operating costs, adequate maintenance can prevent costly repairs and avoid interruptions in operations due to asset failures, in addition, adequate replacement programming allows planning expenses and avoiding situations of emergency.

Improved decision making: Effective fixed asset management provides accurate data and records on the organization's assets, this helps in making informed decisions related to the acquisition, maintenance, replacement and disposal of assets, the available information allows performance evaluation, analysis cost-benefit analysis and make strategic decisions to optimize the management of fixed assets.

Securing of assets: Effective management of fixed assets involves the implementation of physical security and access control measures, this helps prevent theft, damage or misuse of assets, which in turn protects the organization's assets and avoids financial losses. .

What are the assets that restaurants can manage? 

Depending on the type of restaurant or space, different types of assets can be managed, among which we can find: 

  • grills 
  • stoves 
  • refrigerators 
  • blenders 
  • Coffee machine 
  • blenders 
  • Oven
  • Furniture (tables, chairs, bars, canteens) 
  • Cash registers  
  • order systems 
  • internal software 

Among the characteristics that you must take into account are: the year of production and the time that the asset has been in operation, the appearance of each appliance, wear, the supplier's brand, if it has spare parts or if there is maintenance, among other aspects. 

Benefits provided by ANEPSA 

In ANEPSA We work hand in hand with specialists who provide companies with all the services from the control, inventory and management of the assets of each type of company, so we have trained personnel to resolve any type of doubt that arises in these processes. . 

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Importance of fixed asset management

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