The importance of asset management in schools

Asset management in schools

asset management in schools


For education at all levels, it is important to have adequate facilities and equipment that allow providing students and teachers with adequate spaces in schools, for this reason it is important that there is adequate asset management in each area and that rhythms can be maintained. suitable for work 

Why is it important to carry out asset management in schools?

The management of fixed assets It is important since it helps to maintain the proper functioning of all the facilities and spaces focused on education, which provides optimal spaces for students and teachers. 

Properly managing assets in schools makes it possible to identify when assets are in poor condition and make the pertinent changes or maintenance before there are monetary losses due to lack of attention to the assets. 

How is fixed asset management done? 

In order to carry out adequate asset management, it is necessary to go through a series of previous steps that are part of the control of fixed assets, in which a expert appraiser will be in charge of carrying out a detailed inventory of the assets, in addition to marking them with a plate or label that allows each of these assets to be identified. 

Once the inventory is carried out, a documentary support will be made in which the information of the invoices, purchase orders, among other documents with those of the accounting list is sought, making a decision on those records that do not have information. 

In the last step, a correlation of the data obtained in the physical inventory is carried out with those found in the accounting list, following a series of steps to identify those assets and missing records and helping to make adequate decisions about them. 

What are the benefits of asset management in schools?

Managing fixed assets in an appropriate way can provide great benefits in a short term, since having adequate control of the assets will allow faster decision-making on the maintenance of those assets that require it and also take into account those assets that must be replaced in the short or medium term. 

What assets can be managed?

  • Library 
  • School team
  • Computer equipment
  • Office team 
  • Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • Sports team 
  • Specialized Team 
  • Kitchen equipment 
  • Buildings 
  • Furniture
  • School transportation

What are the benefits provided by ANEPSA? 

At ANEPSA we are experts in the control of fixed assets of any type of company, since we have expert appraisers specialized in different areas that allow both valuation and analysis of the different stages of asset control. 

In addition to this, we can place the plates and labels of the assets that are in the company so that companies can keep better control of the assets they have and that these can be emptied into a database that allows monitoring of the assets. 

In case the institution requires it, in ANEPSA we have the Fixed Asset Management Software (SAAF) that allows managing assets within the company in one place, in addition to providing a large number of benefits for companies. 

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