Tips to increase the capital gain of your properties

Tips to get the greatest real estate capital gain.

Tips to increase the value of your property

Purchasing real estate is considered a safe long-term investment that increases in value over time., this is due to the characteristics that are given to the property over its useful life, which is considered an added value that enriches the quality of life of the people who live in this property. 

What aspects characterize the capital gain of the property?

In order to correctly determine the capital gain of an asset property A series of factors are considered to be an important part and make up the value of a construction and they are the following: 

Services: In view of this, it is important to verify the status of payment of services of the property and that it has the services of water, electricity, drainage, gas installation, among others that help to have a good quality of life. 

Finishes: Over the years, buildings and houses deteriorate, so it is necessary that aspects such as pipes, paint, details on the walls, among other things, be reviewed from time to time to keep the house in optimal conditions. . 

Maintenance: In the event that a property does not receive constant maintenance in points such as locks, doors, windows, cisterns, gas tanks, waterproofing, leaks, they can become problems that in the long run entail a greater expense than contemplated, since they are aspects that present high costs depending on the degree of damage that is had. 

Architecture: The distribution of the spaces determines aspects such as the correct functioning of the home, the amount of light that enters the different points, the number of places it has; All these aspects that are part of the design of the house influence the capital gain that has. 

Characteristics and real estate location. 

One of the most essential things to obtain the highest performance is the location of the property, these include an urban and commercial development. Therefore, it is important to find the centers closest to the property such as: hospitals, shopping centers, schools and public transport. Taking into account that the properties that are located on corners have a higher value than those houses that are between houses. 

Another of the important points is the condition of the property. This is a key point when acquiring a property since this will be reflected in the total value of the infrastructure, so special attention must be paid to some factors such as security services. drainage and security among which we can find the area in which it is located, sewage, pipes, paving, public light and water.

Access to the property is of vital importance, so when investing in a property, it must be taken into account if the property is located near main avenues, near rivers, parks, fences, within neighborhoods, etc. taking into account that this can increase or decrease the capital gain of the place and ease of sale or rent. 

You must carefully observe the area where the property is located, the real estate developments that exist and which will be carried out, since the city increases year after year innovating in new foundations. 

Reasons for loss of capital gain in a property

One point that we must keep in mind is that the investment with the lowest risk is to buy a property, taking into account that this does not eliminate the risk, even if it is minimal, since there are factors that can harm the value. 

Maintenance and age: The city suffers constant changes due to the innovation of new developments and new houses that generate a greater value over those that are located in an old or poorly maintained area, the life span of each property harms the final value of the property. .  

Risky area: Avoid that the real estate is located in high-risk areas that could be caused by a natural disaster, for example, that the location of a house is in mountains, near rivers or an area that has landslides, loose rocks, etc. 

Unsafety: It is important to think that people do not like to be in a location that causes conflict when sleeping, that the members of your family feel that their personal well-being is at risk, analyze the environment of the property, the security of the area and if it is possible to ask nearby neighbors.

In ANEPSA We have real estate valuations and value opinions that help our clients determine the capital gains of their assets and also allow them to know which aspects cause their property to lose part of this capital gains. 

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