Insurance Appraisals

One of the services that ANEPSA offers and performs are appraisals for insurance, which has the purpose of ensuring that the insured knows in an adequate way the amount for which movable or immovable property must be insured and that he can acquire the most appropriate insurance. to the needs and that are used as a basis for calculating the Payment of Insurance Premiums and Compensation.

insurance appraisals

Definition of appraisals for insurance

The assets of a company are essential for its correct operation, therefore having an insurance that responds in the event of a catastrophe is ideal, appraisals can be made for any of the following categories: real estate, machinery and equipment, businesses, agricultural assets and personal property eg classic cars, paintings, etc. In this way, it is identified through the category what type of study must be carried out for the insurance to verify the current value of the asset and determine the adequate coverage that the policy will give.

Insurance appraisals are used as the basis for the Calculation of the Payment of Insurance Premiums and Compensation, in this way the companies can know and have the estimate of the value of the goods and carry out the calculations to estimate an adequate insurance for the applicants.

What types of insurance policies apply?

Home insurance You should look for a policy that protects your assets in case of: theft, fire, earthquake, flood, as well as protect everything that is inside the home
Car insuranceThese insurances usually cover both your car and the people who are in it and among the aspects covered by these policies are: property damage, total or partial theft, civil liability, medical expenses in the event of an accident, legal assistance.
insurance for a businessIn the event that you have a business, it is important that you purchase insurance that can protect your investment in the event of fire, flood, earthquake, theft of material goods, among other situations, and all kinds of businesses can be covered.
property insuranceIn the event that people have material assets that they wish to protect, insurance will allow them to cover expenses in case of theft, damage or other specific situations.
transport insuranceThis type of insurance is used to cover material damage, breakdown, loss or theft that the merchandise being transported or the units used for maritime, land or air transport may have.

Categories to which insurance appraisals apply

  • Estate
  • Business
  • equipment and machinery
  • agricultural goods
  • personal property

Each of these categories has expert appraisers trained to determine the value of the property correctly and professionally, taking its value for granted through various studies carried out during the valuation.  

Why perform insurance appraisals?

It is essential to have a policy that protects the assets in the event of a disaster and to be able to recover the value or replace the asset, which is why it is important to identify the value of the assets through an appraisal previously carried out by an expert appraiser. professional.

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