Improve productivity within the company with these tips

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Improve productivity in the company

Any successful business or project requires a great plan and talented, hard-working people to carry it out. But productivity within the workplace greatly influences how far and how fast you can go. In order to increase productivity, you need a plan that is clear about what and how things must happen to achieve a certain objective.

The business productivity It is directly related to the degree of commitment a person has to their job and their employer. This is why it is important that both managers and company leaders seek to create an environment that is motivating enough to keep people focused.

This is especially important with remote work, it is essential to develop plans that involve employees both in the office and at home, the more you can capture attention and interest within work teams, the more chances you will have of increasing engagement. productivity within them.

Ways to implement improvements in the productivity of your company

Below we will mention some of the actions that your company can take to improve productivity within work teams. 

keep things simple

Although having a productivity strategy is key, it does not have to be a complex task. Creating a schedule that is simple and focused is important, as it will lay out steps and outcomes that are clear, helping people stay on task and setting them up for success. 

set reminders

Smart calendars and reminder apps keep track of what needs to be done at specific days and times, so your mind can be occupied with other things. And what is more important, you can integrate them with collaboration tools that allow you to organize yourself by channels, topics and teams. Set alerts and notifications for important milestones at the team level, and have individuals set their own tasks within the same channel for more granular items.

Review goals daily (or at least regularly)

Setting goals is one of the most important parts of any business strategy. But they mean nothing if they are not constantly reviewed and changed. After setting clear goals, make sure everyone has a way to check in on progress on a daily basis. 

Minimize time-wasting activities

Whether at home or at the office, there are endless things that can steal our attention from work. Successful managers know this and invent ways to combat the worst. Here's how to avoid some of the common productivity killers:

  • Meetings: Limit the number of meetings you have and who attends them. If a meeting is absolutely necessary, it should have a clear and focused order, time limits by topic, and end as soon as there is a resolution.
  • Emails: There are many faster ways to obtain or share information than email, connecting in real time is better and more efficient. 
  • Lack of organization: Disorganization forces people to waste time looking for what they need, which is why it is important for work teams to keep folders, conversations organized, and manage things so that they have quick access and in one place.
  • Procrastination: We all do it. The best way to avoid it is to clearly establish deadlines and responsibility, each person who has a delivery date for their project should have someone to follow up, ensuring that the objective is met. 

Seek the motivation of your team

One of the most difficult (and important) business growth strategies is keeping your team members motivated. Therefore, it is essential to be clear about what is most important for each person with whom you work.

Finding a balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is the key to reaching the optimal point of productivity, intrinsic motivation promotes the benefits of self-reflection that make a person want to succeed for no other reason than their own personal satisfaction, on the other hand , extrinsic motivation provides external rewards for good behavior and goal achievement, such as extra vacation days or a company party.

Try to avoid multitasking

It's important to ensure that team members have a relatively equal workload, delegating tasks based on who is best at them or willing to take on them (rather than always based on their role or title). Setting realistic expectations also minimizes the need to juggle too many things at once or put in minimal effort.

Offers a wellness program

Wellbeing encompasses physical and mental health, and both can improve productivity, benefits like weight loss plans, health screenings or fitness equipment are great strategies that help teams improve their overall productivity by focusing on person as a whole.

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