Pros and cons of hosting apps

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Pros and cons of hosting apps

A few years ago, to travel, one had to look for hotels that often have high costs and depending on the number of people, the cost could double or triple, in addition to considering the cost of transfers and meals, so this was considered a quite a heavy expense for people's pockets.

However, over the years a series of applications have emerged that benefit both users and people who have houses, since they can rent spaces that tourists or business people can reserve for as long as they need. and this does not necessarily mean a cost since this depends on the characteristics of the space.

While it is true that hotels traditionally tend to be very comfortable, It can also be taken into account that the hotel industry tends to be somewhat monotonous and boring in its composition, without providing any visual experience, For their part, some lodging applications offer many lodging possibilities around the world from suites, cabins, houses, apartments, boats, tree houses, etc. Furthermore, they are not limited to a particular area, so a place whose location is close to the user's point of interest can be more easily obtained.

It is very common to see reviews of both the guest and the host in this type of apps since they have a section where the host can have information about the key points of the places where you can go, such as iconic restaurants, museums, events, shopping centers, tours, cooking classes and much more experiences that they can offer you; People whose trip is more focused on business and not so much on pleasure are also contemplated, which is why this type of application also offers accommodation with 24-hour assistance, mandatory Wi-Fi, with locations close to the business areas of the place. visiting and even have the option of charging the account directly to the company.

These changes have meant great possibilities for tourism and for people looking for accommodation, but also competition with both large chain and small hotels, which is why we will explain the pros and cons of each option below.

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The Advantages of Looking for App Hosting of lodging

Now that there are applications like Airbnb, Couchsurfing, HomeAway o FlipKey has opened up a world of possibilities for people who are looking for affordable accommodation and who are also looking for spaces that adapt to their needs.

This is why one of the main benefits is that you can find spaces that adapt to what you are looking for depending on the number of people, if you want it to be a shared space, if you want a house or a building, the location, among others. aspects that you can choose in these applications. 

Another benefit is that in many cases you do not have contact with people since there are many places where you can enter with a code or where they only give you the keys and you see the hosts again until you leave the space, this in case it is not shared.

These spaces practically work as if you were renting an apartment or house for a few days for your trip and you could have the necessary independence to go out and come in as many times as you want, in addition to the fact that in many cases there is flexibility in check-in and check-out times. .

Income Opportunity: Hosting apps provide a great opportunity for people to earn extra money by renting out their properties or extra rooms, this can be especially beneficial for those who have empty spaces or extra properties that they would not otherwise use.

Greater choice and variety: These apps offer a wide range of accommodation options in different locations, allowing travelers to have more choice and tailor their stay to their specific needs and preferences.

Local experience: Staying with a local host can give travelers a more authentic and enriching experience. Hosts are often happy to share tips on local sights, recommended restaurants, and off-the-beaten-path activities.

Competitive prices: In many cases, the accommodations offered through these apps can have lower prices compared to traditional hotels, allowing travelers to save money on their stays.

Flexibility: Lodging apps allow for greater flexibility in terms of booking dates and length of stay, travelers can find accommodations for short or long periods, depending on their needs

Disadvantages of these applications 

Despite the fact that applications to find accommodation when making a trip, be it family, rest or business, at first glance it can be a great option, but one of the main disadvantages within these apps is that one is in charge of the cleaning of the space, such as washing the dishes, cooking, making the bed, among other issues that perhaps in a hotel are carried out as part of the internal service.

Another aspect is that one has to adapt to what is in the spaces and sometimes face disappointments, in case the photos of the application are misleading, in addition to the fact that sometimes problems arise because they are shared spaces with the people living in the home.

Also, depending on the space you are looking for, you have to consider that sometimes they are spaces inside houses such as rooms that the host rents, so you have to live with the others who inhabit the home.

Although these applications have many varieties of hosting, it must be taken into account that they also have few approval filters., that is, almost any place is allowed to register in these applications but there is no kind of certification, so the veracity of the experience of the place depends 100% on the users, also unlike a hotel that has 24-hour service. most accommodations.

In these apps they have a time limit for arrival so if there is a mishap when you arrive at your destination they could cancel the reservation or penalize with a fine, so check in should usually be before 10 a.m. evening

Variable quality: Although many experiences on hosting apps are positive, there is the possibility of finding accommodations that do not meet expectations in terms of cleanliness, comfort or accuracy of description, it is important to read the reviews and opinions of other users before making a reservation.

Cancellation issues: Depending on the host's cancellation policy, travelers may encounter difficulties if they need to change or cancel their reservation. Some hosts may have strict cancellation policies, which could result in lost money if travel plans change unexpectedly.

Privacy & Security: Staying at a stranger's home can raise privacy and security concerns, although hosting platforms often have security measures in place and identity verification, there is always a small risk associated with staying at an unfamiliar property.

Impact on the local community: The popularity of hosting apps has raised concerns in some communities regarding rising short-term rentals and a shortage of available housing for local residents.

Dependency on online connectivity: To use these applications, Internet access and good connectivity are required, this can be inconvenient in areas with poor Internet signal.

If you are determined to use this type of application, just take all your precautions now that you know the pros and cons, visit our Blog for more information like this.

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