Recommendations when buying a house

Are you considering buying a house? Follow these recommendations

buy a house

Buy a house It is an important step for a person or a family, since a lifetime asset is acquired that can provide great benefits. However, it is important to consider some points that can help in making decisions as these are the most appropriate. suitable. 

Consider the location of the house you are going to buy

It is important that you consider the location of the place where you are going to buy a house and that it is in an area where there is transportation, recreational spaces such as squares and parks, hospitals have all the services, among other characteristics that facilitate habitability at home. 

Above all, you should consider that the house is not in risk areas such as rivers, places that flood, places with exposure to fuels or high voltage cables, ravines, among others.

Consider the needs of your family

Depending on the number of members your family has will be the size of the home you require, so it is important that you take it into consideration when looking for the perfect home. 

Take into account the number of rooms you will require, the size of the kitchen, the bathrooms you will require, if a patio is needed, parking space, among other aspects that will help them accommodate better. 

Review the structure of the property 

So that you can be sure that the property you are going to buy has a good infrastructure It is important that you check that it does not have structural damage, since it is important to mention that Mexico is an area that is constantly affected by earthquakes that can affect homes. 

That is why it is important that they can verify that the property does not present damage to the structures, check columns, walls, walls and beams and in case you notice something strange, consult an expert. 

Verify that the housing documentation is in order

It is extremely important that you verify that the information and documentation of the home you are going to buy is in order, that the owner can buy it through documents such as deeds and utility payments. 

In the same way, you must check that there are no debts in the payment of services and that in this way debts or problems are not acquired for homes that are in probate proceedings or situations related to the mortgage. 

Take into account your economy 

When considering buying a house, it is important that you consider your economic capabilities, the forms of payment you can have, if you have a mortgage loan, if you can join it with your partner or spouse, among other payment facilities and considerations that allow you to pay more easily. 

Calculate and consider other important expenses 

Remember that when carrying out a house purchase procedure you must consider a series of procedures that you must carry out, such as the deed, in which you must get a notary to carry them out, also consider an appraisal in case you need to verify that you are paying adequate for the house, among other expenses. 

Remember that in ANEPSA We can provide you with a series of recommendations when purchasing a property and deciding to buy a house, in addition to carrying out any type of appraisal that you require in order to complete the documentation that is required. 

Our expert appraisers and sales advisors are qualified to provide you with any type of advice you require, in addition to carrying out any type of appraisal, valuation and review of properties, since we have specialized architects and engineers. 

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