6 tips to improve fixed asset control

Improve fixed asset control with 6 tips

fixed asset control


For all people it is important that the control of fixed assets is carried out correctly and constantly, this with the purpose of knowing both the location and the state in which the assets are. 

For this reason it is important that year after year the control and inventory of the fixed assets that the company has is carried out constantly, for this reason we leave you some recommendations to do it in a faster and easier way. 

It has a person in charge of the control of fixed assets

It is important to consider have a responsible person who is responsible for constantly monitoring the company's assets, in this way the information will be condensed in a single person and he will have the knowledge and notion of the location and status of each of the assets. 

In addition, this collaborator must be able to enter the assets into the asset control software that is available, this with the purpose of keeping the information updated and carrying out surveillance in an adequate manner. 

Use plaques and tags to mark assets

It is important that to carry out the control of fixed assets you make sure that all the assets that your company has have a label or identification plate, which can be generated directly from the software. 

These labels can include information such as the brand, model, serial number, maintenance date, person responsible for the asset, purchase date, among other information. 

Consolidate information in one place

Consider that all the information on fixed assets must be in one place, so it is important that it is not scattered in different documents and that specialized software is used that allows you to better control the asset that is located Inside the company. 

Make a classification of fixed assets 

For companies that have a large number of assets, it may be useful for them to be classified in different ways so that they can be managed and cataloged in different sections and are easier to find when taking inventory. 

This is why assets can be classified depending on their properties, attributes, brand, type of asset, among other categories that facilitate their control and make it possible to find the files faster. 

Constantly update the information

Another way in which an adequate control of the assets can be carried out is that the information is constantly updated, this with the purpose of maintaining it correctly throughout the year and when the control of the assets is to be carried out again. assets is done in a faster way. 

Use fixed asset control software

Make use of a software asset control will provide a large number of positive points when keeping assets in order within the company, this is because these software have the ability to store all asset information, generate depreciation, use it in several companies , among other benefits. 

Among these benefits we can find the generation of plates and labels to identify assets, generate security vouchers, have maintenance alerts, control the assets of multiple companies, among other options to facilitate asset control.

In ANEPSA We are experts in fixed asset control, so we offer our clients the possibility of helping them in the asset control and inventory process and we advise them so that they can do it constantly and without setbacks. 

How is the physical inventory and control of fixed assets carried out in the company?

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Fixed asset control

fixed asset control

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